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Do not get under influence of the authority

each person has the opinion. And me it becomes very ridiculous when under the influence of there is nobody the authority, he begins to adhere to a certain point of view, even without having considered it. What it is connected with? The principle of influence the authority is one of the strongest principles. So, the person can not possess leadership skills at all, but will follow him other people and to submit subconsciously if it is perceived by these people as the authoritative person. In this article I will disclose value of this principle.

Researches showed that on people the authority of the person with whom they communicate very strongly affects.

For example during usual friendly conversation half an hour later the interlocutor says to another that it has very high status in company / state / society and so on. the most interesting that after that durgy the interlocutor sharply changes tone of conversation.

He begins to speak less, to agree constantly with him, to adapt and so on. Very often under pressure of the authority people do

just more improbable than a thing.

Blind belief in authority generated a set of delusions at all times. Sometimes business reached to the point of absurdity. For example, once Aristotle told that at a fly eight legs. This statement in the European scientific environment was not called in question up to the nineteenth century though, apparently, what it is simpler - to catch a fly and to count her legs to be convinced that their everything - not eight, but six. But it meant to encroach on Aristotle`s authority, so, to be dishonored before colleagues - scientists. Eventually, a certain Italian naturalist who, probably, had no time to read Aristotle caught - a fly and counted her extremities.

Other, not less authoritative Roman writer Guy Pliny Sekund, or Pliny Sr., wrote that the ostrich minutes of danger hides the head in sand. Surprisingly, but many still trust in it.

“Is not subject to any doubt that neither in science, nor in practical life it is never necessary to stop before authorities what they were. The criticism is the necessary tool of a prosperity …“ I. I. Mechnikov

When it began normal - to believe in unreservedness of words of the authority? Even now, when there is so much talk on a doomsday, all trust scientists as all of them “calculated“. But I do not agree that everything is so simple. I will explain.

We, people, possess still very poor knowledge about the nature, about space, about a brain. For example, we know that the brain works for 10 - 20 percent, but how to force it to work for all 100 percent, we do not know. The same concerns also all the rest. To me it is unclear why scientists draw a conclusion that if expected flashes from the sun last year, then this year, undoubtedly, everything happens? They say that all of them counted. And can do it normally what the sun now inactively? It can and will oversleep a lot more thousands of years? No, do not think that I put on pink glasses and I deny everyone and everything. I believe that sometime life will end. I believe that everything is not so smooth as we want that. But it seems to me that it is impossible to be sure for all hundred percent.

I also wanted to light this question above. It is not necessary to give in under “unconditional“ influence of significant people. All are mistaken. All are not right. But to solve that, all the same to you .