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How cook meat on coals?

the Meat made on coals - food not ordinary, not for every day. It prepares most often outdoors at departure on picnic, that is a country junket as explains this term in the dictionary V. I. Dahl.

That participants of picnic were satisfied with an entertainment, it is necessary to begin with choice of decent meat . Well, it is, of course, pork - pulp of gammon, brisket, lumbar part, sometimes a neck.

And here pork shoulder as experts speak, is no good at all. If to speak about beef, then it is the best of all to choose cutting. Veal, certainly, suits for coals any. In mutton the pulp of a hind leg is used. For preparation of meat on coals perfectly there is a rabbit flesh and chicken meat.

All these grades of meat practically do not need a pickling acid softening. But, nevertheless, it is always possible to add to marinade weak solution of wine vinegar or lemon juice, and not so much for the purpose of a meat softening how many for giving of a peculiar aroma to it.

By the way, it is possible to make marinade on a tomato basis. It will give to meat interesting color and will promote formation of an appetizing crust. Strong marinade on the basis of vinegar or wine at too long action can kill natural taste of meat and make it rough and rigid.

It is possible to make meat on coals differently. Especially it is necessary to tell about salt . Meat does not love when with salt are overzealous. A shish kebab recommend to prisalivat a maximum for half an hour before frying on coals, and meat on a lattice - only in the course of frying.

If you want to make chicken on coals, at first a little as follows is desirable to podvarit or prepare her. One couple of hours prior to frying rub a carcass with coarse salt, put in spacious ware, fill up with a crumb of ice and fill in with cold water. Meat of chicken will become impregnated with moisture and will become extremely soft. And here to add to marinade for preparation of chicken on coals tomato paste, ketchup, medical, sugar follows in very small amounts as her skin can burn slightly and spoil roast.

Well, there will be enough theory, probably. Let`s tell how to make meat on coals according to the checked recipes. Let`s take as initial ingredient meat of chicken.

At first how to bake chicken in a foil . Rub the prepared carcass with salt and pepper. Enclose the crushed greens of parsley and fennel in a paunch. Grease with butter and turn in a double layer of aluminum foil. Accurately fill edges of a foil that they did not disperse. A wrapped up bird put on a lattice and bake about half an hour on coals. Divide ready chicken into portion pieces. By the way, the internal stuffing for chicken can be also another - to your taste.

Chicken outdoors it is possible to fry on a spit.

Entirely it is better for b - to prepare a bird on coals all not crude, and a little boiled thoroughly. Prepare chicken for frying: rub with salt and chili powder inside, oil vegetable and strong connect wings and legs that the carcass turned out compact. Strengthen it on a spit and fry over coals, turning and oiling vegetable. It is possible to fry and not entirely, and having halved a carcass or on four parts.

If we cook meat on coals , then not to do without shish kebab in any way. Recipes of its preparation hundreds. We will prepare for a chicken shish kebab on kefir . For this purpose cut chicken meat without skin and stones on pieces, water with lemon juice, slightly salt and leave for half an hour. In a bowl or a pan mix kefir, the crushed garlic, a coriander, caraway seeds, hot pepper and the cut green onions. Put pieces of chicken in a bowl and properly mix. Close a cover and put in the refrigerator for the night.

String pieces of chicken on skewers, grease everyone with the softened butter and salt. Fry over coals about 10 - 15 minutes.

Give a ready shish kebab with a lemon and greens.