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The grown bald woman - reality or far prospect? I do not know

, I could fall in love with absolutely bald woman or not, but it seems to me that existence of indumentum on her head very significant detail. It is necessary to pay tribute to most of women that they almost unmistakably find for themselves an optimum ratio as lengths of hair, their color, the choice of a hairdress, and various accessories.

Maybe it occurs at the unconscious level, can taking into account education, a social environment, education and existence of means. But it is unambiguous that not only features, an anatomic structure of a body, taste existence, character, psychological and age features can influence the choice of the woman in this or that party.

Fashion - one of the main components. The famous stylists of nights do not sleep, as if will show off in the eccentricity, dissimilarity and novelty. Here only their ideas frighten more often, than are pleasing to the eye, and here naturalness, healthy gloss and originality of color shades with which the nature allocates the person, can dement. But women for some reason think that most of men likes only blondes or to horror black brunettes. And such - the majority. Sometimes you try to guess and what color hair at this woman actually? And on not painted over roots sometimes it is possible to try to present it in true color. Useless occupation, I will tell you in the sense that it will change nothing neither in your representation, nor in an opportunity to influence somehow the choice of the hostess.

And what men, in sense of coloring of the hair if they are, of course? Well, for film actors, singers, musicians and netraditsional clear, and for most of men change of a hair color is not need. And why? So, probably, it developed and bald becomes more and more, despite any means on care of hair and modern methods every year on pilosis which, despite active advertizing, there are not a lot of persons interested to use as can seem. Most of men are deprived of complexes concerning the bald heads, and for many it even advantage.

It is necessary to tell that for women the bald or thinning hair man does not stop being attractive since has in addition many other advantages. The man, he and in Africa - the man, and there and to women to be recoloured it seems as not why, to them and it is so magnificent. And here bearded it is possible to meet not often presently, probably it is already a craze.

Sometimes you are surprised here to what how many the various chemistry should use to our beauties to blow our mind and to emphasize the originality, identity and to become even more attractive. Paints, varnishes, balms, gels, chemical waves, wet chemistry, styling foams, highlighting, hair curlers, curling irons etc. It is not clear why they from all this do not grow bald, and can we, just we do not know the man, the set parikonosny can among women, it is more and more announcements of purchase of natural and long hair every year? Here so, you will get acquainted, will fall in love, and then she to you will reveal secret and bang! As mirror! As in the horror film! There was it to somebody?

You should not joke on it, of course. It is a pity if it with someone from our the best in the world and the most beautiful, undoubtedly, women, can occur or already it happened. It can become even the tragedy, but why then none of women do not think of it, probably, it seems to everyone that similar can happen to anyone, only not to her. I am not a doctor and I do not know how the situation on this problem actually is if it, of course, is, but, I think that it would be worth learning at first in details everything about possible consequences of application of modern hair-dyes and the accompanying chemistry and other means influencing everyday the heads of ladies lovely to our heart and mademoiselles.

And it would be still interesting to learn, but whether all this affects a brain. Can colored blondes because and cause so many jokes in the address? How you think? And suddenly producers add the substances causing dependence to the means?

Perhaps, I exaggerate, who knows, God grant that my fears were an incompetence consequence, and our women always remained beautiful, healthy and charming, in no small measure thanks to the wonderful hair and remarkable hairdresses.