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How to fight against a pikaper?

the Idea of this article was born after in the canteen of Lenin library I was “attacked“ by a pikaper.

Just the little table sat down for me and began “to be glued“ actively. Nothing at it left, but real collision with the phenomenon about which before I only read set of it thinking. And plaints of the deceived girls gave to these thoughts the concrete direction.

By the way, I do not want to abuse the pickup because this phenomenon is represented to me ambiguous. On the one hand, the pickup preaches the consumer attitude towards the woman, and it is bad. With another if the lady herself also does not look for long, to something the binding relations, to her - the pikaper can just be very opportunely. Other question whether he with such approach will care for her pleasure in a bed, but is a subject for other article.

I also do not want to abuse pikaper at all and to threaten that they never learn those true feelings which the big and pure love gives. Yes, do not learn, but, maybe, to them it so far and it is not necessary. Well still the person was not acquired, there is a wish to take a fun to him. And let, I consider, this its right.

And our right - not to give in on its tricks. Eventually the pikaper not the tyrant, it only offers us a certain succession of events, but cannot force to do what we do not want.

So how to avoid getting into lists of won?

A lot of things in the pickup are constructed by

at a speed, a pressure, surprise not to give to the girl the chance to recover. The real pikaper long will not beat around the bush, he will try to take occasion by the forelock at once.

With what we can answer? It is better to be developed and leave, of course. But if it did not turn out at once, and you began to coordinate, then try to make a pause. Under any pretext: it is necessary to call, descend in a toilet, to correct a hairdress - all there will be enough imagination for. The main thing, somehow to change the fulfilled scenario to confuse the unlucky boyfriend, and most to cool a little the head. It will help to abstract and look at the events more crucially.

However this recommendation is good when you were already involved in communication with similar type and was moved on its tricks. And whether it is possible to make so that it could not hook on you at all? It is possible, but it is necessary to begin in advance.

1. Define the personal borders. That is accurately understand to yourself what can be done and speak in communication with you and what is not present. How close - as in direct, and figuratively - the stranger can approach you? What talk, compliments at what stage of communication are pertinent?

To know answers to such questions very important, instant rapprochement is one their important pikapersky tricks. However it will not work if the woman accurately understands that touches from the unfamiliar man - a thing absolutely inappropriate. As well as attempts at once to pass on “you“. As well as compliments from the series “you have beautiful eyes and gentle skin“. If personal borders are defined accurately, then in response to similar words and actions in the head the alarm signal will be distributed, and by your main desire it will be not to be dissolved in beautiful words, and to fight back the impudent person. No, you will not become a touchy person, just will not allow the stranger to get into the personal space immediately.

2. Be not afraid to be cutting. Sometimes we understand that there is something not that, but nevertheless we do not decide to fight back. We are afraid to offend the person, to seem not womanly ill-natured person, we want to avoid scandal and so on. All this is very unpleasant, however think that your softness will create problems to you. To Pikaper it only on a hand. Therefore present that you need to give an injection to prevent an illness to develop in more serious form. Unpleasantly, but it is possible to worry and it is even necessary. The same and in it couples. And if you are tormented by sense of guilt, then remind yourself that sticking - not your initiative, but responsibility for the events lies not on you.

3. You learn to think it is realistic. Vera in the wonderful solution of all problems is part of our national mentality, and it more than once played a dirty trick with us. Pikaper also know about it. Also use at full scale. Therefore when once the temper begins to tell how he was captivated you at first sight (or perhaps will not begin, and you so will interpret his behavior), think and from what the stranger suddenly so was over head and ears in love with you?

The real deep feeling is born not at once, it demands time and efforts. Including of you. But very few people want to strain therefore and pulls to believe that it is possible just to take and fall in love with us and then and to put the whole world to our legs.

You will tell, there are exceptions? Yes, happen. But the broken hearts and the disappointed souls meet much more often. So it is better to steer clear of persuasive gentlemen and not to give in on their tricks. And as to make it, I told you.

Good luck!