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Who such Andy Warhol?

That in our understanding high and fine art? Beauty, grace, spirituality … This list can be continued indefinitely, and everything will bear in itself truth of the purest water. But whether it is possible to consider as art cans, handbills, the multiplied photos of the famous people?

What contrast, isn`t that so? But it brought banal objects in the primitiveness to the level of art, and people believed, began to admire and demanded continuation. Andy Warhol is the most radical and most considerable artist of America, the puppeteer of bottoms - an art.

In post-war years in America the numerous group of people, enough provided was formed to buy what was not for them necessity. Levis, Coca Cola - become important attributes of this society. The people using these and many other goods showed the belonging to a certain social group. So there were ways of formation of mass culture. These brands were special symbols and for the people conceiving of stereotypes were that niche by means of which they will be admitted to that society which dominates in the country.

The priest - art, or the priest - an art, was born in mass culture, having incorporated all its symbols and stereotypes. Andy Warhol also used it. Its borrowed advertized Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Mick Jagger`s photos, the cook - stakes literally stirred up world art. It a hurricane rushed on the settled framework and rules long ago, having crushed them on hundreds of small splinters. Its numerous silk-screen printings, its extremely long hours-long movies, the Intervyyu magazine created by it where stars are interviewed stars, its eccentricities, his silver hair - here a portrait of the modern artist, Andy Warhol`s portrait.

Silk-screen printing was the main car of transfer of the attitude, the thoughts and desires for Andy . It represented the press from a lithographic stone by means of which a transfer of the photo on the canvas covered with an emulsion was made. The technology of silk-screen printing reminded bad newspaper reproductions, but it does not speak about poor quality at all, and such effect was reached by the artist Warhol specially. He tried to obtain thus illusion destruction. To it served repeated repetition of the original, the product which is thrown out by factory of mass production. It Andy Warhol tried to obtain dispassionateness from own creativity.

Its first silk-screen printings appeared in 1962, than at once attracted attention. The bright, shouting household items made suddenly sensation. Arth - critics unanimously broadcast that art of the young artist as well as possible shows platitude, emptiness and primitiveness of the western mass culture. Executed in acid expressional tones of Andy, images of idols of modern society were embodied: the most beautiful and desired woman Marilyn Monroe, famous Mick Jagger, the king fate - N - Elvis Presley`s beater.

It was the real sensation. The scandalous reputation of Warhol gained steam and by that the importance of his works wonderfully increased. But admiration and worship at people sometimes was replaced by rejection and indifference. What the king of bottoms - an art steadily answered that there is no art high and low. Representing so often bottles of Coca, Andy explained it with the fact that it is drunk all: “both the president, and Elizabeth Taylor, and the beggar who knows that his Coca is not worse, than at the president“ .

Very similar reception show also its peculiar movies. “I began to do my movies with one actor. Within several hours he smoked, ate, slept. I did it because understood that the viewer goes to the cinema mainly to see the favourite actor, here I also gave him this chance“ .

Amazing knowledge of human psychology. Yes, people want bright and shouting. Yes, they want to see those vital symbols, those objects which surround them, those settled stereotypes which do them by that social group of which they dreamed.

So who was Andy Warhol: great artist or great manipulator? Both that, and another will be in own way truthful. Yes, someone will tell that it is banal and is primitive and as art in full value of this word cannot be considered. But it stops being banal when becomes significant. The purpose of bottoms - an art in they are to show it as significant and necessary. Andy Warhol managed to overstep that bound when simplicity and banality stop being those and regenerate in art.