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Who such British women of fashion?

these girls were about five Years ago in wonder and were surprising alternately bewildered. Well, judge for yourself: tight jeans of a tabernacle, boots in style fate chic, a shirt, a jacket, the ruffled hair, a hat on a nape, a look of a she-wolf and a certain dispassionateness completed an image. Then we only began to listen to Pete Doherty, to carry plaid shirts and to dream of London.

Ease and lightness alternately with mad ideas and non-standard approach yielded quite positive results. Brit - n - GIRls is usually boring to thumb through women`s magazines and for hours to study look book, they prefer to work at once. such girls usually look for inspiration in books, favourite songs or borrow part of an image the British icons. Usually the image which she will indulge passersby is created in her head finished and full at once. it as appeared quite difficult occupation, it is always necessary to remember details. Any onions mean existence of the correct accessories, prichestka, a make-up. Usually images britanochek are divided into 3 parts: a vintage, grunge and bokho, especially reckless and mad (in good understanding of this word!) prefer the punk. They like to wander about deserted small streets, to look for inspiration in sekond hands and small vintage little shops or flea markets and under a cup of fragrant tea to make new images. They do not participate in competitions on the best onions or the best photo on style, no. such competitions assume as a rule the framework limiting them, and our Brit - n - GIRls not from such. Images britanochek ordinary do not fit in in any framework and every day a non-standard view of things usual at first sight. Brit - n - GIRls like to be photographed but not only to imprint the next fashionable onions, and thinking out all new and new images. That a series of good shots could be looked through as the interesting book, reading uniform history by a series of separately taken fragments.

But nevertheless is the fact that britanochka are loved especially strongly. these are of course dzhinets of a skinna, a shirt, shorts, vests, dresses in a floret, scarfs, shoe boots, flats, sandals, jackets, t-shirts with prints or amusing inscriptions, ethno - dresses, pea jackets, leather biker jackets, parks, cardigans, checkered skirts and dresses, boots in style fate chic, a natural make-up, carelessly zaverchenny bunch or just flowing hair, darkly blue and it is dark - a cherry varnish. smokk ays in the evenings, small through a shoulder or volume bags, points in a white frame and of course hats