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I will live (about a tvorchechtva of the singer Delfin)

the Line behind a line the ruthless and evil reality finds the real face. We are afraid to face to fear, we are surrounded by continuous hatred to all live and even to itself, we do not see before ourselves anything, except own I, we die, but we are considered live, in our hearts still to glimmer the nadezha, but she is ruthlessly killed by ruthlessness, treachery, envy and infinite hostility when the first drop of blood to become the beginning of the end.

Two ready to work bodies

Two looks of staring

Teeth of an edge of color of

chalk Everyone is ready to fight back another.

the Reason for a fight desire of owners

He will make a choice

Dooming someone to pain and sufferings

Letting it in the last dog fight.

to Live only in the present, without looking back at drowsiness of yesterday, to tell and create the truth, it is simple to live. And that means to live for each of us. No, the dolphin does not teach us to live, everyone in the answer only for himself. Each of us has to live hoping only for own forces and reason, not looking in eyes the uncountable acquaintance, it is not necessary to look for benefit in all m and always, even at the price of misfortune of others, you should not be the parasite of others life. The dolphin speaks, but does not learn, he is not a conductor, he is a poet, but of course he is concerned by a social aspect of life and all that surrounds it and tiny changes towards life, the real life are pleasant to it some though. A subject of drug addiction the frequent guest on lines of his poems. Naturally the Dolphin cannot stop this mass a mystery, but reading these words to everyone it will become sick and terrible from understanding that they do with recently still young and happy boys and girls during the moments of an eye which turned into a dependent being, something between the person and an animal.

do not touch You already others tears and pain

to You nothing is necessary you is occupied only by itself

your task is unusual, but pains is simple

to destroy itself In the most short time

will not remain to love there pass fears and pain

When you choose as a second-hand needle control

You forget whom you were only five minutes ago

your memory Callousness decomposes your favourite

poison, dog cruelty, indifference to everything captivated everything to the district, in this world there is no place to solar happiness (“happiness in seconds small sharp, generous to children and avaricious for adults“). We are not concerned for a long time what is so close, and meanwhile, is so rapid and illusive and will not manage to look back, and already all your world will fly before eyes within a second, and then pain, a regret about left and awareness of inevitability of the future

You trample down the world the

boots without noticing where you come

A time leaves you color pictures

But you even do not understand it …