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Why video cards after “pro-frying“ in an oven begin to work?

Various problems with computer facilities are inevitable. Each owner of the personal computer or laptop (netbook) sooner or later faces them. Some of them are solved with small losses, some - replacement of accessories. In this article we will talk about those cases in which there is an opportunity to inhale life in, apparently, already dead motherboard or the video card.

About what the speech? Your computer “ached“?

It is about video cards: periodic emergence and disappearance of artifacts on the screen of the computer (laptop), or in general their emergence and persistent unwillingness to vanish; about motherboards: periodic failure of the devices connected to USB ports or to others, turning on of the computer or laptop “every other time“ or a non-inclusion in general. Familiar picture?

Of course, these symptoms do not say that it «our case“. Only if after the careful inspection which is carried out by you personally or the competent master, the verdict “Sounds it is a materinka (video card). It is necessary to change“ - you do not hurry. Use the principle of “air defense“: wait to carry out - will cancel.

What reason of breakage? Ah, these legs …

of One of the reasons of emergence of above described “frustration“.

If attentively to look at a payment, for example, on the same hotly favourite video card, it is possible to notice that some chips and controllers, and also chips of memory have a set of the legs fixed by solder. The central processors have too legs which provide contact with a socket.

Realization of contacts of BGA (Ball grid array) components a bit different therefore graphic kernels of video cards, chipsets of motherboards and laptops and many other components of legs have no. Contact with a payment provides a set of balls from solder which are applied on the lower part of a component and, melting in a certain place on a payment, provide as well its fastening.

To secure itself against cavils about inexact use of terms, we will agree that speaking to “payment“ if other is not specified, I mean an abstract payment - a piece of textolite of the correct form and radioelements applied on it for superficial installation, controllers, chips of memory and an other electronic machinery which has concrete appointment and carries out the function as a part of the computing system. That is this concept includes both motherboards, and video cards, and network interface cards, and internal TV - the etc tuner. it is a lot of

of the Reasons that contacts vanish. It can occur also from - for heating of a component during the work with the computer (laptop) and its coolings at switching off. At thermal expansion some conclusions can break and if to consider, as in conclusions defects are possible, over time the probability of emergence of a problem increases.

Besides, negative influence, especially on laptops, vibration and even renders weak blows which cannot be avoided at operation. But if heating and cooling of components - the phenomenon normal, then absolutely abnormal is an overheat. Its influence can become critical. It is necessary to understand that sometimes even the minimum defect which arose at production can become in several years the contact disappearance reason. As it is treated by

? Briefly about a rebolling and its “household“ alternative.

First and the most reliable option - to give a payment in a good charge on rebolling (a rebouling, orig. - reballing) which at normal approach as of you, and from the master, will cost you approximately 50 - 60 dollars.

The essence of this procedure consists that the component is unsoldered, contact surfaces on it and on a payment are smoothed out then the new layer of balls from solder is applied on a component (we already remembered them). Further - installation on a payment, warming up and if everything is made correctly - you can enjoy life and enjoy operation of the favourite personal computer (laptop). (Article does not pursue the aim to penetrate into subtleties of sacrament of a rebolling therefore procedure is sketched and professionals in this sphere will forgive me).

Be careful that instead of a rebolling did not “palm off“ on you warming up, warming up also is that procedure which to execute, at a certain skill, it is possible also in house conditions, and is almost free. But remember - at own risk!

At warming up the component from a payment is not unsoldered, and this main difference of warming up from a full-fledged rebolling. Under the influence of high, about 200 - 210 degrees on a scale of Celsius, temperature the solder providing contact between a component and a payment melts and in most cases at the subsequent cooling restores the lost contact. Than it is treated by

? Usual things in unusual application

having Slightly disseminated intrigue fog, we will pass to analysis of concrete methods of warming up of problem components.

Good soldering station. Not necessarily new, but not very ancient. A little at whom it is at home. But if you were lucky to be familiar with the person, such station having - rejoice and you hurry with him to agree. Pluses of its use - high precision of thermal influence and control of temperature. Minuses - before use it need to be found.

Construction hair dryer. Yes, it. The most usual, similar to a drill, only with a nozzle, the construction hair dryer. Using it, it is desirable to wind a payment with a foil, having left opened only the warmed-up component. The hair dryer we keep at arm`s length 5 - 7 cm from a surface of a payment and we warm up a component, previously having read about temperature conditions on the specialized websites and forums ! Plus - it is rather easy to get the hair dryer. Minuses - can suffer from a stream of hot air nearby components of a payment; it is difficult to regulate heating level, procedure should be done “approximately“.

An oven / pass - an oven. Instead of that the furnace in it tasty pies and cakes, it is possible to warm up in it and the patient - a payment. With us Alexey Kozhin successful experience of warming up of the video card in article “Why shared by means of an oven to fry the video card in an oven? We eliminate artifacts“. Pluses - uniform warming up of all payment; an oven or pass - the oven is almost in each family. Minuses - the user practically does not take part in process, has the minimum opportunities to control it; complexity in adjustment of temperature. Note : it is very good if the furnace has the electronic indicator of temperature and allows to set heating to within units of degrees. If is not present - it is recommended to use additional resources of control of temperature (the multimeter thermocouple, contactless infrared thermometers or something is simpler).

At desire, for this noble purpose it is possible to use also other “tools“, for example, a lamp with a powerful bulb - there is no imagination of domestic “lefthanders“ of a limit.

Pleasantly the fact that after ineffectual warming up it is almost always possible to carry the patient in service - the center on a rebolling.

But the fact that, having collected enough information and having decided on this step is even more pleasant, you have quite good chances with own hand to return the computer to life.

You remember: the theory without practice is dead, and practice without theory - is dangerous. You approach warming up intelligently.

P. S. Article is written behind the laptop which chipset was exposed to warming up by means of soldering station and rose from the dead.

Article - not an appeal to action, not the instruction for carrying out procedure of warming up, and it is rather, the calculation of its main theoretical aspects with the purpose to force sceptics to look in a different way at warming up procedure.