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Love, now only drug...

for more than 5 months, I used three different narcotic substances which as it seemed to me, made me happy. But you should not condemn me, having read only the first offer. It is better to read all my story and to try to understand me, to understand why I did it and why. And, the main thing to understand that you should not condemn people for similar mistakes. And to do something similar or not, already to solve to everyone independently. And, the main thing to learn that it actually is inevitable drug for any person.

In modern society, to the people using or using narcotic substances it is accepted to treat with neglect, condemnation, rejection and even, in certain cases, with disgust. Most of people absolutely with conviction claim that they will never begin to use drugs, in no shape or form. But only the few from this majority can be actually confident in the words and be never mistaken. Was also with me. In the childhood to me imparted negative attitude to the drugs and people using them. For 16 years of the life I in no way did not adjoin to a subject of the use of drugs, is more faithful even with thoughts of a possibility of the use of those me. But, as they say, never say never. In life there are different moments, different situations, and, for certain, to each person, at least once in life it is necessary to cross through themselves, through the moral foundations, through the system of values and the principles. And it is not our fault. It just the phenomenon which can give banal definition - vital or human factor. And, unfortunately, often, the person is subject to a similar factor.

Especially without differing from the ordinary person, I followed rather a gregarious instinct when began to use drugs. It did the majority, and the vast majority of my friends are more right. And I never condemned them, even on the contrary, belonged with interest in how they have a good time. There passed some time, and I so got used to the events. what for me, occurring in life of my friends, became a norm: in a smoking-room after school, in the downtown to light up to the regiment for two; before club to swallow wheel ... same it is not bad » at all; I convinced myself, same just for fun . And such beliefs brought also me to to the easy use as ourselves called it. At first everything was very simply, I smoked lyogenky grades of a grass, and that I was not given to blow up and I did not do jambs more than 3 - 4 napas for reception. But there passed some time, and it became already not so interesting. I tried grades more strong, stound and a matrix. And I liked how me inserted. But otkhodnyak were frankly heavy: nausea, greenish shade of the person, quite often loss of consciousness. And so me took out usually 5 - 8 hours in half an hour - hour after a maza. Start up unpleasantly, but nevertheless memories of imaginary euphoria, I was calmed. Especially, it was very cheerful. We with friends were united by this subject more and more. It was something like our joint hobby. But passed still some time and even it did not please. Examinations, unlucky days began, there were some small problems in the relations with a family, some friends. Unloading was required. And me advised to try ecstasy, or, so-called, wheels. Before any party, - on - a hut, one wheel, for full fun quite was enough Patya. Most often it were wheels mitsubish or playboy because the easiest to get them at us in the country. Their use became a norm almost at each party. Later few weeks, examinations, « ended; difficult days . Well traditional summer campaigns on clubs also began. There was not to do us without cocaine. So, for more than two months I smelled cocaine every Friday and every Saturday. As we chose quite good grade of cocaine, and it cost about $170 for weight, all had enough money not always and not. And to visit club, without having smelled, there was no wish. Then there was no high has fun under 9 - ti - beatniks. Therefore cheap Czech Weis, approximately sometimes was necessary to take for $60-70. Generally, drugs as it seemed to me, brought me improbable happiness, besides added energy and allowed to forget about problems in everyday life.

But at what moment I understood that all this is not necessary to me? To it I went gradually. At first, parents, are more faithful mother, having learned about mine new hobby that incredibly upset her, cut off to me finance. Blocked access to the cash card and incredibly reduced the sizes of pocket money. At first it was necessary very difficult, intercepted doses at friends, free of charge, of course. But soon it bothered me, and, besides, with mother of the relation considerably began to worsen. Still, she was disappointed in me. And probably it was the first push to understanding of all situation. And I decided to take rest temporarily to return the status in the opinion of mother, to correct health and in general to return financial security. I went to England for three weeks. And there was what me set not just thinking, but even resolutely pushed on that I put the end to this chapter of the life. This was love. It gave me a helping hand . I did not want and I do not want to afflict darling, I want normal life, without drugs. Returned to former concepts, for full fun there is enough only good music and the good company. And, I want to tell thanks, to the one who got me to fall in love... to the one who allowed me to find new breath and a new view on this situation... the one whom I madly love now has more than life. To my most favourite little man.

Probably, you should not give any advice to those who appeared in my or similar situation now. But there is a wish to tell, just fall in love. Fall in love so strongly that the love to your lovely heart to the person became your main drug!)