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Removable housing. Where to look for the hidden skeleton?

we Will present a situation. You - young couple which tries to build the relations independently, not wishing intervention and pressure of the parental parties. Therefore to avoid the excess conflicts with the family, you make the decision - to remove housing.

After some series of searches the interesting announcement of housing commissioning for long term in the area, convenient for you, catches sight. So, you stand on the doorstep of the apartment which you plan to examine and then to be installed.

To what it is necessary to pay attention that the days spent together in this monastery did not remain in your memory as the period of fight against suddenly arising troubles and difficulties, misunderstanding, and time of stay in it was such which is necessary for you?

You have to remember that acquiring any goods, it is necessary to pay attention to his seller. Renting apartment, pay special attention to the owner (hostess) of the apartment. Remember the first impression which it or it was made on you the first minutes. It is wrong to consider that the first impression is deceptive. Usually the first impression is the true impression aggravated with nothing. If it positive, consider that you were largely lucky!

Continuing to communicate with the owner (hostess), accidentally ask about the renting an apartment reason that subsequently will help you to explain logically, and sometimes and to count (as required) possible behavior of owners of the apartment. Do not forget to take an interest about the last tenant if he existed to you, and a cause of failure in rent of housing. The streamline answer confirms the conflicts. In such situation it is necessary to increase the vigilance. The tenant, and most often the owner (hostess) of the apartment can be the instigator of the conflicts.

Having entered the apartment, examine not only an external condition of rooms, and also pay attention to such things that give, as a rule, a lot of inconvenience: whether cranes and pipes in what state there are plums, a toilet bowl leak.

Pay special attention to entrance doors and locks, they have to meet your safety requirements and conveniences, otherwise, at best, there is a probability to spend the night at parents or friends from - for the jammed lock, in the worst - your temporary house will not keep your values in integrity and safety.

It is important to pay attention to such thing presently as the electric power counter. If the unlimited number of people, and the counter hanging on a wall, still old sample - disk lived in this apartment to you, I strongly recommend to listen to whether it is noisy it works. Noisy operation of the device says that someone living to you was a handyman, and there is a probability of the annex of dexterous fingers to the counter. From here the damaged seals, unauthorized connections. And it attracts a large number of misunderstanding, and it is possible, and claims from owners and inspection bodies to you. It is better to avoid apartments with such problems. Eventually, you do not need excess expenses and a headache.

If you were lucky at an entrance to meet neighbors, pay attention to their quantity and age. Neighbors sometimes are quite noisy, quarrelsome or very whining that sometimes does not give the chance fully to have a rest after intense day. If neighbors did not catch sight to you, make a knight`s move, having used a find for spies: talk to old women that usually sit on shops at an entrance. In lovely conversation they will tell you a set of the interesting and useful facts from life of neighbors and the yard in general.

If in all respects the examined housing to you attracted, do not forget about drawing up the lease contract with the exact indication of your rights and duties, term of rent, size and terms of payment.

And then master`s “skeletons in the cupboard“ will not disturb your dream, and the temporary house will be for you the real cozy nest or smooth peace water.