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What such cold to prepare during a heat? But also to sense from such work … directly we will tell the Hungarian experience of

- a little. Everyone works as eats. And what food on such heat? The most tasty and sweet piece - and the toyena climbs. Well it does not climb in a mouth though you burst! And what? The unsoluble contradiction turns out.

The city not to leave, work does not release. And there are no forces for this work -. Also there will be no them until eat nothing. But is - there is no wish. Vicious some circle simply!

And how to break off it? Or to split …

generally, I thought, thought and … Remembered!

Remembered summer. But not present, another. That year it, however, not such roast was. And therefore it was remembered not by weather. And the fact that our construction crew worked in the neighborhood of the small Hungarian town of Sopron what lies on North - the West of this country, at the most Austrian border.

Not bad, so to say, worked. And ate - even better. And not only the fish canned food brought with themselves, army ship`s biscuits and rye crackers. No, so - that and grain at us with itself was, and macaroni, but … Any, even the most solid stock once, comes time, and … comes to an end!

Here and at us. This time came. Also we had to get acquainted with local, Hungarian cuisine. Something almost all was erased over time from memory. And here still I remember one of the dishes tried then. It is possible to tell - on a tip of language remained.

About it I also want now.

If on - Hungarian, so language can be broken, uttering the name of this dish. Hideg dyumyolch levesh . Only be not frightened. In principle, anything terrible. Cold fruit soup , if in translation into Russian.

Terrible will begin a bit later. When I tell that it is not just fruit soup. It in addition to everything also … dairy!

But not for nothing say that devil is not so black as he is painted. It is necessary just to test - and how it? One spoon, the second … The third already will ask for a mouth. And with the fourth process, most likely, will accept irreversible character. Also there will be in your culinary repertoire one more tasty and original cold dish. As Hungarian answer to “the fried sun“ of the big Russian cities.

As? We prepare?

No. To get a pan for the present early. For a start - several introduction.

In - the first, about fruit . They can be the most different. Depending on what today or yesterday passed into the category of “ripe“. Summer - the whole three months. And each of them presents us with something special. Sweet cherry, raspberry, apples, an apricot …

Respectively, from time to time at us in a plate … New soup! With other, other than the fact that was last time, taste and color. It is possible to take some one fruit as a basis. But also nobody forbids to make a fruit mix. As in my opinion, the last is even more preferable as soup will have richer taste, sated with the most different fruit shades.

In - the second, about milk . More precisely, not only milk. The Hungarian cold fruit soup can be cooked on sour cream, fat milk (now in shops even six-percentage is on sale!) or low-fat cream. I usually prefer the last, carrying to “low-fat“ them 10 - percentage option.

In - the third, about a thickener . As that either flour, or starch on which as it seems to me, the dish turns out easier, and more juicy can be used. Especially when instead of potato its corn analog undertakes.

There now, on introduction - it seems, and all. Now about that, that is required to us .

First of all - kilogram of fruit. As I already spoke, on this component of a dish the flight of fancy is not limited. And in many respects is defined by flavoring addictions as cook, and those who will sit down at a table today. How they? Kislenkoye is preferred? Or is more sweet? Or love that there was a lot of any miscellaneous? Here depending on it also you choose. Or some concrete fruit. Or mix which players from time to time can be changed radically.

That from a fruit basis at us soup as a result turned out, in a certain sequence it will be necessary to add to it :

1,5 liters of water, a glass (200 ml) of cream, a dried peel of one lemon, 3-5 tablespoons (depending on fruit and personal taste) sugar, 2 - starch, half a coffee spoon of salt, 3-4 gvozdichka and the trifle of cinnamon and vanillin.

For a start we cook fruit. If a peel at apples dense, we cut off it. After that we divide fruits into four parts and we clean a core. Well, and we cut quarters on slices of such size that they did not frighten a mouth of those who will eat this soup. From apricots, plum, cherry we delete stones. And here and we leave currant, raspberry, a gooseberry - the whole berries.

We fill in the prepared and washed fruit with water liter, we add a lemon dried peel, a carnation, cinnamon, sugar, prisalivay, we put on a plate and we cook … Compote!

As soon as we will feel that it is ready, we remove a pan from fire and we take other capacity. We pour out in it starch and slowly that lumps were not formed, we dissolve it with cream. Stirring slowly, we add to this liquid vanillin and a floor - water liter then it is careful, stirring slowly already compote, we pour in it turned out at us krakhmalno - dairy mix. Without ceasing to disturb, we return a pan with all its contents on a plate. And, as it will begin to boil, we cook even minutes 10 on small fire.

After that it is switched off, we wait until cools down, and - in the refrigerator. Soup not only fruit and dairy, but still - did not forget while it cooked? - and cold! Only when it that will become, it can and be spilled on plates. And from above for greater beauty it is possible to put in each portion dish on a branch of mint or a melissa. If, of course, they under a hand are. But in the summer, I think, with these greens of special problems should not be.

Hungarians as soup will cool down … but before gets to the refrigerator... Here at this stage Hungarians add to soup 100 - a gram glass of white wine. Dry, moist, sweet is besides everyone is guided by the taste. And on what wants to receive soup as a result.

But it is already an open classroom. It is possible, but it is not obligatory. And without wine soup turns out - the fact that it is necessary. Especially in hot summer day. When “the fried sun“ melts not only asphalt, but also brains of all those who happy-go-lucky the higher administration or on call of the disciplined heart cannot escape out of borders of the big and small cities. Brains melt, the piece in a throat does not climb, and here … It … Pleasantly cold. With the original and memorable taste.

And what? Even you will not try a spoon? Spoon, another … The third already asks for a mouth. With the fourth process accepts irreversible character.

If who doubts - to weld to check, a lot of time will not be required. But, it bo, - I do not deceive …