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How to act in at film? One film-making day of mass meeting. Part 2

the Pursuit of train proceeded till a lunch. Mass meeting, having been tired to wait for the exit, loafed about across the limited territory.

Someone sunbathed at the fountain, someone solved crossword puzzles on station steps, and someone ran to spend future fee for chips and Coca.

Having used a prolonged pause, I went to meet “brothers by misfortune“.

- What brought you on shootings?

- Came from true curiosity here, - the employee of seaport Yury shared with me. Never participated in such actions. And, frankly speaking, was disappointed already a little: dreary all this.

- And I just adore Konstantin Khabensky therefore when I learned about shootings, I decided that I at any cost here will get, the accountant Larisa joined conversation. - It is ready even to act free of charge if only to see the idol close.

- I have the second day of holiday. Did not know, than houses to occupy itself. Here these shootings … - the teacher of initial classes Natasha says. - Here also came.

And here Irina Nikolaevna and her son Alexey had a professional interest. They know about an actor`s profession firsthand. Alexey is an actor of DYuTs theater, Irina Nikolaevna - his mentor in all undertakings.

- From all hobbies which we tried (soccer, chess, drawing) the theater carried away most of all, - Irina Nikolaevna told me. - Perhaps because heredity started talking. Our great-grandmother, Anastasia Boyarskaya, in 30 - e was years the leading actress of the Krasnodar operetta. By the way, about it I learned from memoirs of the grandfather.

The casting of a female half of mass meeting for roles of the cashier and cleaner began.

- It is strange why don`t they remove the real cashier and the cleaner?! They - that precisely know the work and will not become puzzled in a shot, - we discussed among themselves while we expected selection.

And the choice really fell on workers of the railway station. And a role of the cashier in a ticket office asked to execute the chief.

Entirely mass meeting was necessary only after a lunch break, in the fourth hour. We were built at first in couples that it was easier to count. Then on 10 people began to start to the station.

The assistant producer right there cast:

- You, you and you - create line at cash desk, - pointing to applicants and choosing them from crowd, it placed people in the railway station. - You will sit in a waiting room, and you to stand at a train schedule.

From me, my daughter and the imposing young man from among mass meeting made amicable family. We stood near numerous baggage and pretended that we expect arrival of the train. When all roles were distributed and sounded long-awaited “the Motor!“, beep of an electric train was distributed, the platform filled with passengers rustled. Our exit was postponed once again.

- You do not represent how we were tired, - running by, complained the person on duty on the station. - We have to both to send passengers, and not to prevent shootings. The benefit, so far any excesses did not arise. The people at us quiet and quick-witted. Soul is warmed by pride of our city that its capital stars chose for shootings. It is a pity only, the name of the city in a shot will not be lit.

Before to a shooting stage there was a main character, the doubler of light was necessary for him. Chose the similar young man from ranks of mass meeting (height of 1 meter of 75 centimeters, 48 - y a clothing size) and began to expose spotlights for shootings of a close up.

The remained four hours before the termination of film-making day the unique scene was shot: the main hero of Konstantin Khabensky stands at cash desk in a queue for the ticket, and at this time the homeless child imperceptibly “takes away“ at it from a pocket the mobile phone and takes to the heels. Konstantin catches it in the act and forces to give a stolen property. What that also does, and then hides in crowd when he notices that the militiaman approaches them.

The young actor is called Savva. Dirty, unkempt, in dirty clothes, he tens of times repeated the same phrase in a chamber: “What phone? Yes take away you the phone!“ - so far this shot was not perfected to trifles. However, as well as Khabensky: “Give phone! You from what class?“ - he went on. Mass meeting all this time was a background for a star. Especially our “family“ near which this scene just was also played.

Having stopped “tormenting“ actors, the director was accepted to special effects. The legs of passengers moving on the foyer and chaotic movement of mass meeting on the station were separately removed. Separately wrote down a sound of heels and noise of crowd at the station.

By the way, our town so was pleasant to the director that that to a descent began to change the plans, to enter new scenes and to use unplanned nature. Leo removed in port, and also in park. So now when the tape contacted the wide viewer, to citizens is what to be proud even in spite of the fact that our station in a shot was depersonalized.

When the director declared the termination of film-making day and by tradition all film crew amicably applauded, I for fatigue did not feel either hands or legs any more and badly thought. Mass meeting queued for the promised fee, and I wanted to be only on the back and not to think of anything.

Judging by a tired look, approximately in the same somnambulistic state there was also Konstantin Khabensky. Having seized an opportunity when Konstantin left a shooting stage and flopped in the chair, I nevertheless was taken impudence and, wildly apologizing, asked for it the autograph. Having begun to write wishes, it suddenly crossed out them, having told: “Forgive, the head does not cook at all. Perhaps later?“

Having learned all film-making process from within, I understood that the film actor`s profession at all not easier other (and what there so aspire - behind glory, behind money?).

To act in at film, not only the talent, but also strong nerves, and considerable endurance is necessary.