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Whether it is easy to jump with a parachute?

of People always sought to learn to fly, and the parachute became one of ways of control over terrestrial gravitation. On July 26 the Day of the parachutist is celebrated. Brave people, whether it be military or athletes, risk life every time, going in an air abyss from a plane board. And what to the unprepared person to jump with a parachute?

What for this purpose is necessary?

Well, in - the first, desire , of course.

In - the second, it is necessary to find the relevant organization which arranges amateur parachute jumps. It is desirable to check this organization in all possible ways - to ask acquaintances, to read information on the Internet - experience, licenses, statistics etc. It in your interests since life at you one only you are also responsible for it. To you once again will allow to be convinced of it when you sign paper that in case of force majeur the organization which organized a jump does not bear any responsibility. Of course, the choice of the “skilled“ organization does not give a guarantee that everything will pass perfectly, but it will allow to minimize risks.

The third and indispensable condition before a jump is passing of instructing - primary (day for 3 to a jump) and on an airfield (before a jump), and also of medical examination . On instructing will explain how it is correct to use a parachute, to land and what it is necessary to have clothes. The only thing what I want to pay attention to: it is necessary to treat very attentively and seriously this action. When you jump out of the plane - you will remain alone with yourself, with the knowledge and the parachute. That`s when it is necessary to apply all the skills to take true pleasure from a jump.

In practice for some reason the bulk of the people drops out of the plane as sacks with potato. And here they fly downwind with opened by the main and spare parachutes, having forgotten that there are slings for management of a parachute, and landing where God will send. Before a jump for me it was wild to hear from one of athletes: “Now bodies will fall out, and we will take away from one of them a spare parachute“. After a jump I understood that it is right on all hundred, calling so fans.

Among other things, the important fact the footwear is in which you will jump - it has to be convenient, soft and on a flat sole. And in any time should not fix rigidly a leg in an ankle (as berets). Otherwise there is a probability of a change of this ankle.

Well and of course, a jump not free, it is necessary to pay about one thousand rubles for it.

For what needs it to you?

is a question rhetorical. I personally jumped with a parachute, first of all, to test myself and to prove to myself and others that I can. The second and important fact for me was the emitted adrenaline. (As in that joke: yesterday we with friends jumped with a parachute, and now I know from where adrenaline is emitted .) On my feelings most of all adrenaline at me was emitted when AN - 2 gained height.

It was very interesting to watch girls whom in our group there was about a half. When the plane gained height - they joked and made advances to the instructor. But when opened the hatch for a jump, our girls found unnatural complexion and lost a speech power. As they jumped out, I cannot tell since I jumped the first. To claim that it is the truth, I will not be - I do not know since jumped itself, but among participants of this process it is rumored that those who do not want to jump are booted off from the plane by instructors with shout: “Went! Everything is paid!“ .

And the third factor which pushed me to such act are my friends who were with me, so to speak, in one team.

What feelings?

of Feeling I describe the, but they coincided with feelings of my friends. At ascent I already mentioned about adrenaline. At my friends more adrenaline was emitted after opening of the hatch of the plane. I in this plan in general was lucky since when opened the hatch, the plane unsuccessfully came on a circle and I was held by the instructor. As a result I stood and looked in 900 - a meter abyss until the plane passed one circle and came on the second. But nevertheless I, without delaying, stepped overboard and, having counted treasured figures - 221, 222, 223, pulled a ring.

The parachute was developed, I looked round around, checked slings and, having convinced that I everything is all right, pulled out a stropichka for a spare parachute. If not to make it, then the spare parachute will surely open at a certain height (600 meters), and it not only will spoil feeling of flight, but also is absolutely unsafe. All preliminary actions are executed, and here then before a look our beautiful and immense country opens. The feeling of flight gives feeling of delight, pleasure and power. Operating a parachute with the help a sling, you soar over beautiful Earth, feeling unearthly pleasure (I even in air by means of shout communicated to the friend). After a landing the pride for itself seizes. I made it!

This article is not the textbook for the beginning parachutists. Also it is written only to tell how it happens for the first time, and to help to avoid a beginner of silly mistakes. According to professionals, the people like me who agreed to such jump are potential suicides since trust the life to other person - the one who puts for them a parachute. It is big risk, but it is worth it to feel these feelings at least once in life.

It is necessary only to add that will be in the best way if you before the first jump receive the corresponding preparation in DOSAAF.

Take care and live brightly!