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What can I make for the Homeland?

1. Environment

The easiest it is pure and beautiful to h2 to envy the countries of the West supposedly there at them. But what prevents to make purely and beautifully at us? The most elementary that you can make, is not to litter, never to leave behind garbage and to accustom the children to it, to plant flowers and trees in a front garden or at an entrance and to protect them in the nature. If someone somewhere made “purely and beautifully“, not to ruin its effort and to keep from it others.

All this is known. But carry out only units. Even the snowman cannot be built in the winter that in 15 minutes nobody broke him. Heart is covered with blood when you see graffiti on historical monuments or just painted walls, dumps in landings, parks, on roadsides, the trampled lawns, garbage under legs and total indifference.

Very obviously it is visible on the following example. Recently similar began to carry out actions under the names “Let`s Make the City Pure“ and to that with assistance of the companies on waste recycling. Generally active youth participates in actions, the senior generation speaks of it skeptically supposedly a community work day, free work why it is necessary to you. But for two - three hours of such work the dump turns into park. I look, and this most skeptical senior generation already conducts the grandsons there. Their joint efforts for few months the park turns back in a musornik. And again sit on shops of the old woman and nod supposedly here you see, everything was vain.

That everyone could live in purity and enjoy beauty, it is necessary to act together. Everyone has to make the contribution or at least not interfere, respect others work.

2. Economic prosperity

Economic prosperity, strangely enough, too has to be business of our hands. There is such impression that credo of all country - “If with a salary as at them to do nothing as at us“ . People are proud of the fact that take examinations in the principle “for free“ and “tore off, gave a ride“, buy diplomas, can sit at work for hours “in a contact“, play games, and nothing it for it will be.

And then it turns out that where rush, around you bad doctors, engineers, hairdressers, accountants, sellers. And in general in the country “everything is bad“. Kozyrny argument - “Both pay, and we work“, well and the others so what you then complain of them? Whether it is possible to construct by forces of army of idlers and cheapskates the developing business, the profitable enterprises, high-quality production? Is not present, and without it what there can be an economic prosperity?

Begin with yourself. Make of yourself the expert, be engaged at work as work, be improved, work qualitatively. Impart to children and subordinates the same relation. So far we will not replace credo until diligence becomes value again, any economic prosperity does not shine us.

3. Corruption

U us a popular belief that corruption cannot be overcome in our country. Such feeling as if it is incorporated in us. Yes, I agree, there are situations when the bribe is demanded by such people on whom our destiny depends, and “will not get to anywhere“.

But how many cases when it is possible to address by the same telephone hotline and to punish the extortioner without prejudice to itself. How many cases when people “bear“ by inertia, without request to doctors, tax inspectors, teachers “to thank“. How many cases when people put a bribe to receive the desirable. And it is so short to get used also to the one who initially was not going to take anything. The young specialist first usually is afraid to take bribes, at least from - for the fact that it is penal. But kind people quickly accustom to thought that to it everything will escape punishment.

We create corruption. We so got used that we do not even try to do without it. When I say that I was disaccustomed at school and university on all five, got a job, got the driver`s license and even married, without having given any bribe, I am not trusted. Nevertheless it is possible. You do not feed this animal, he will weaken and will lose the influence.

All this is so simple and banal. You can make all this if you take the responsibility, realize the role and will pass from empty complaints to useful effects. Do not nod on passive fellow citizens, be responsible for yourself, infect others with the example, do everything possible in return, on the street, on the workplace, in the family.

Only then at us at last will manage to create a pure and beautiful, prosperous country which, in turn, will be able to make something for us and our children. It in our hands!