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How to get rid of a stress in 2 minutes?

the Stress trap us in the most unexpected places and in the most unexpected time. With it it is necessary to do something. Not always we are able to afford to let off steam and to popinat a pillow!

For a start we will remember that the stress is our reaction to these or those events. And it means that the same event for one - the stress, and for others will pass imperceptibly. The second that we need to remember that anger (which is a basis of other strong emotions at a stress) - NATURAL reaction of the person. In us the instinct sits - facing danger, we choose reaction - to run or attack. Both the impulse which is provided by powerful emotion of anger is necessary for that and for another.

Very often (especially at women as we are beings more emotional) strong emotions are shown as uncontrollable reactions of an organism. But we are free to choose how our emotions including negative will be expressed.

Of course, it is necessary to work over adequately to express to the world the emotional state that surrounding people were not afraid of us.

And today I offer several ideas which will help with a stressful situation to calm down quickly.

The first - breath. During a stressful situation breath changes - the breath becomes longer than an exhalation. It occurs because the brain needs more oxygen. If to increase exhalation length, then your state will change. So, in a difficult situation make several deep breaths and long exhalations. When you do a long exhalation, you convince an organism that the stress passes. It is necessary to breathe a stomach, feeling as it is stuck out at a breath and falls down at an exhalation. At a breath it is possible to tell about himself the word “breath“. At an exhalation - “exhalation“.

One more instrument of influence on a condition of an organism - hands. In a stressful situation they involuntarily contract in fists. It occurs instinctively, irrespective of mental intentions - the organism prepares action! And to overpersuade an organism we need not to squeeze palms in fists, and to straighten on the contrary, having bulged fingers! When at the arising conflict you feel that you lose feeling of rest, at once try to straighten the palms. And ideally - also to walk barefoot that toes relaxed too.

Excellent option to get rid of a stressful state - physical activity. Walk a fast pace on foot, it is possible to run about on a ladder (anyway it is useful).

It is no secret that working (but disputable for many) alcohol and chocolate remain ways of disposal of a stress (mainly at women).

Here the main thing - a measure. If you are ready to stop on 100 gr dry red or 50 g black bitter - is quite permissible.

If you well developed skill of visualization, you will be helped by pictures (real and with your head). Hang up the picture which causes in you bright positive emotions over a desktop and in a stressful situation attentively consider it, representing that now you are exactly there. If the real picture cannot be considered - you hold it at yourself in the head.

All listed ways at some skill of self-organization really allow to get rid of a stressful state in a couple of minutes. And you will be able quietly to listen to the end of the chief, the client, the husband, the wife, to make the important decision and to smile...

You breathe, kick pillows, run on ladders... And good luck!