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“Little Red Riding Hood“. Volkov to be afraid - not to have sex?

Pies went stale now. As well as people. It to thrust a knife in a back or the axe - half-affairs. Teeth are equal, white, hairdresses well-groomed, do not watch that the bumpkin, and in soul a darkness and drizzles bad. Glamour Gothic, in a word. And what, someone seriously hoped that Catherine Hardwicke who emerged on waves of “the twilight saga“ (it, as we know, does not sink) will stand on ceremony with the Red cap? The girl - that already ripened, for her that a wolf that the mechanic, everything is uniform. If only to drag not bakery products on the suburb, these are already bad manners.

… Once upon a time there was the girl Valerie liking to cut off to rabbits of the head. It is a little entertainments in the taiga settlement from five houses, therefore the pink childhood ended quickly, and rough youth began. It is more than enough of grooms at Valerie. And the smith - the good fellow, and the woodcutter - the murderer, and a wolf shameful that visits every year the village to eat the sacrificial innocent person. In great demand girl. And that, the very picture of health, mother has a himka, the father has a fashionable three-day nebritost, the sister still is available full-chested and the grandmother detached. Parents the daughter solved to marry off to the local smith. With a dowry there everything is vague, but future groom is not exchanged for trifles, it Valerie for is so given if only the world showed to the poor man`s daughter. And the woodcutter pushchay the wood goes, at it in a pocket if as rings, then definitely not money.

A wolf that is interesting, does not doze. Twenty years passed from the last bloodletting, and the predator of local girls for interesting places was moved to bite. In the sky the moon - that bloody so everyone bitten itself in the werewolf strives to turn. From the capitals urgently call the fighter against evil spirits, the father Solomon, abrupt to impossibility. Solomon brags of the fact that killed the beloved spouse because with a wolf to live and on - wolf to howl does not agree. Methods at the father inkvizitsionny, but effective. Snipers on roofs, in the center a bait in the form of a vedmochka. Inhabitants, that is characteristic, shocked, but with pleasure look at this masquerade and even approvingly assent. Like, odobryam - the page

Appeared, a wolf to a wolf discord. The one that drags sheep, harmless, gray such it sleeps at night and vicinities does not hang around. The werewolf has breakfast in the afternoon, reads books, and acquires wool at night and Valerie solicits. In other words, the Cossack sent. Hou from hu, unclear. The small fry is all reserved, on corners presses close, I smother to the priest fierce does not hurry to spread. Continuous ten Black children. The father Solomon should resort to tortures and speeches ardent because the pastor feels that his hour is close. Valerie cannot master feelings meanwhile in any way. Smith, of course, handsome man, but so fatal woodcutter. And the wolf of nothing, promised to take away somewhere and to present a star. And it is necessary to choose because chance - that one - odineshenek, or will come to an end everything, as at the granny: a hibarka three-storied on an edge, doubtful soup and without man in the house …

If Hollywood, not greedy on money, then we also did not know about sexual imaginations of Catherine Hardwicke. The aunt to enviable stubbornness dreams to couple characters of the movies to vampires, to werewolves. Who could think that the lovely girl the Little Red Riding Hood from her “ouch, the hippopotamus“ and “a green parrot“ will turn in her hands into sexually anxious maid with barefaced zoofilsky bents? However, to admirers of “Twilight“ not to get used. Here, at least, did without necrophilia.

Everything mixed up in a heap. And werewolves with pies, and love - carrots against the pines which are clumsily pasted over with thorns and wild dances of fellows villager, well-groomed to a disgrace, around a fire. Here to you and Moors on snow, both the bright Chinese, and tricks with a whip and - la Indiana Jones, and even the main fighter against monsters against silver nails and in a violet coat. Similar psychodelic calculations did not dream also Kira Muratova, and Uwe Ball joyfully accepts the next author of the most rare idiocy on form and content in the silent camp.

With the scenario everything is wild, and in fact nothing since “Twilight“ exchanged. Even scenery. Hardwicke dreams, dreams of taiga novels against crude hollows and bashfully hiding fly agarics. Mows and ant hills replaced to her heroes a magnificent bed of royal palaces, and behind country attires the Red cap hides imposing woolen chulochka in which all road is dragged by a knife. With a cap authors peremudrit too, replaced it with a raincoat - a cape so only the blind person can not notice the girl in the snow wood.

All right, the nightmare with the subject courses and motivations is quite explainable. The fairy tale is old, affairs dark. Well cut the lad, well altered slightly - slightly. The question is in how in these dregs quite worthy actors managed to walk smack. Billey Burke is not counted, he to see, is obliged to the director on life by something because, having chopped off all three series of “Twilight“, he moved to the same bog again. To see, money was necessary. Amanda Sayfred by youth stumbled, is. Not to choose Virginia Madsen. Though the star of bygone days (“Class“, “Kendimen“) zaboristo looks, but its glory remained in 80 - x, and the aunt just works the fee. But what rozhn is done here by Juli Cristi and Gary Oldman? Here I lower hands and, okromya there are no abusive, other words.

Oldman, by the way, as usual lit. To the man in general to the hair dryer that occurs around. It knows the roles by heart because played already so many bastards at cinema that it is possible to make a detached penal battalion of them. And Cristi is good how much in vain the Oscar actors are not given, though there was it in far 1966 - m. Here only it is also possible to look at Cristi and Oldman without soreness of the mouth, the others just incredibly mess up in each shot. But best of all inserts supervision over mass meeting, especially in scenes where “steps offstage“ need to represent rough activity. There is an impression that these people took in the lump on the next farm because they are not able to express emotions, but actively iron goats, scratch napes and some words which did not enter final dubbing-in shout inattentively.

Pleased a “authentic“ soundtrack, in particular, in a scene of celebration of killing of a wolf. Fate - compositions (or it is not fate, I did not understand) easily laid down on “twilight“ passions, but here the dissonance was the huge. In the following movie (“Hamlet“, by the way) I suggest to experiment Hardwicke with the Pole and the German marches. However, the techno - a trance will descend too.

“The red cap“ in hire turned out a complete fiasco. Admirers of the vampire trilogy, without having found in a shot of familiar faces, shrank, and the others also even less so were not eager to reconsider next romantichesko - the Gothic opus in the same interiors. As a result - not paid for itself budget and the first notch on career of the director.

Verdict: Catherine Hardwicke is very good artist. All shots in which there are no people - are just fine and ask on an exhibition. But as soon as pretty rural guys and girls open a mouth, all wretchedness of a plan begins to climb from all cracks. These cracks ineptly shut up rare scenes of an action and an imaginary intrigue (because the identity of a wolf becomes obvious almost at once), but to rescue the project scanty special effects and the invited stars cannot. The firm two on any scale of measurement. It is necessary only to wait with horror for the new version of “Hamlet“ from Hardwicke and the sequel “Fight of Titans 2“ from the screenwriter David Johnson.