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On what drivers come across to a thicket? We sort main “flaws“ of motorists

last year the traffic police of Russia allocated ten main violations of traffic regulations by drivers leading to emergencies and, what is worse, by a lethal outcome of participants of traffic. These violations are not placed on danger degree - each motorist has flaws. However at the same time it is necessary to know them everything to be ready to any surprises. So, we will begin.

1. Boorish behavior on the road

Such “reckless drivers“ can quite ignore road signs, signals of the traffic light, action of the traffic controller. The most favourite for them - “to cut“ other car, without caring that it can lead to the tragedy. On conscience of such drivers - thousands of others lives. It is interesting whether they regret the acts?

2. Driving in a state of intoxication

Unfortunately, in our country it became something like norm. Here is how - that in a sober look the car for some reason cannot be steered, it is necessary “to fill in spheres“ at full scale to test a high from driving. Meanwhile, it is established that at influence of any similar “dopes“ (alcohol, drugs, psychotropic substances) reaction of the driver significantly decreases.

Once my school teacher so commented on the similar fact: “For drunk there are only two reference points - the road and the sky. All the rest - a mirage“. Alas, under such mirages other cars and pedestrians get. How many drunk drivers crippled lives - not to consider. And the most awful - at so extensive flow of information many motorists still do not draw the corresponding conclusions. Sadly …

3. Speeding

the Following mistake of drivers a source calls

speeding. As the statistics claims, in most cases with it owners of expensive foreign cars and the youth which just took the wheel sin. No, on the one hand to sweep with a breeze - business good. But with another - it is necessary to understand that around there are a lot of other participants of the movement. And if someone gets under the wheels? Or the violator will cripple others transport? So it is better “with a breeze“ to ride the desert road not to disturb others: and demand any, and nobody the stranger of danger is exposed.

4. Non-use of a seat belt

Among gross blunders when driving the Internet - a resource calls the most unloved duty of drivers - fastening a seat belt. This norm is accepted even at the state level, the real care of citizens is shown. No, and here something is not pleasant to drivers. Well, if suicide in blood, there`s nothing to be done. The main thing to remember - warned. Will expostulate then there is nobody, and in other cases - and not to whom.

5. The carelessness driving

What is engaged in

the driver during the movement of the car, except actually management of transport? Correctly - everything that will climb up in the head. To answer a call by “mobile phone“, to replace a disk in the autoradio tape recorder, to begin to smoke a cigarette, to read the SMS is the major and urgent affairs of each driver. If not to solve these problems, the car, most likely, will go somehow incorrectly, perhaps. So, companions violators?

And now same heartless statistics: 80% of all road accidents made in our country in 2010 - just because of inattentive driving. I assure you, it is possible to smoke a cigarette and before a trip, for conversation by the mobile phone there are special fonts. Everything is thought up, it was necessary only to show desire it to get or to make something within morals.

I will give a case from own life. A few years ago I went in route “Gazelle“. And so, besides that because of economy “carrier“ in salon still there is no conductor - the driver of the half-road practically stayed in salon, raising money for the train. And plus to it he on turns in general let go a wheel … and began to brush the hair! Fortunately, this site of the road was empty and we did not fly anywhere. And the chance was - drove hardly transport from a ditch taxied.

How not to remember dialogue from the Soviet movie “Queen of a Gas Station“:

- The victims are?

- Judging by the beginning, the victims will be!

In our case managed.

6. Non-compliance with a distance


the one who could argue that this factor - useless and not costing attention. It is unlikely searches will be crowned with success. And to convince up to the end, I will note that at a speed of 100 km/h the full stop of the car requires from 36 to 43 meters. And for some SUVs - to 50 meters. If attentively to track with what interval cars on our roads move, then it is possible to draw such conclusion: any car will not be able to stop without prejudice to people around. Alas, but it so.

7. The Technical Condition (TC)

What specifically means? That notorious checkup of vehicles. Namely: our drivers do not love this procedure. It is better to go with essential technical defects, than in time to pass checkup if there are defects - to eliminate them and to go in perfect security.

As a result old rusty cars, meet idle brakes, without marker lights on our roads. What it will lead to? Well if only to a jam. And if there is an accident? From - for suddenly stopped transport (or not stopped at all) people will suffer? There is a children`s justification: “Time was not“ - any more will not give a ride. It is necessary to answer to the fullest extent of the law.

8. Disobedience to the employee of traffic police

A what in this case can such terrible occur? - you ask. I will answer.

In - the first, you already violate the law and you can be brought to administrative responsibility only for such “feint“ at least. And in - the second, in this case you to disappear, will increase speed and will provoke a pursuit. And in this case to monitor observance of traffic regulations somehow any more not from a hand. And as a result - an emergency, and happiness, if without a lethal outcome.

9. An incorrect assessment of dimensions

the Sizes of the car needs to be known by heart. Only in our city almost weekly there are road accidents under these circumstances. Council here one: it is not sure - do not squeeze between two cars, you will touch inadvertently. Assess a situation - cheaper will leave.

Of course, it is not the full list of “mistakes“ of motorists. Them it is much bigger, we only considered the most widespread. And sense of all this information - not to prosecute malicious violators, and to achieve that they took a detached view of themselves and drew certain conclusions.

There is only an only way to lower to zero a condition of accident rate - to one and all participants of the movement implicitly to follow Traffic regulations. But how to reach it if and pulls other citizens to make something unacceptable? It is necessary only to wait and hope.

All only in your hands, dear drivers and pedestrians.