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Poverty psychology. What it consists in and how to get rid of it? Each of us in life what deserves has

. Also the financial solvency of the person submits to such philosophy. People who are sure that money sticks to money and far from thought of independent achievement of financial wellbeing limit the opportunities. Professing poverty psychology, it is impossible to become successful. In what this is expressed psychologists of poverty?

When is born envy, objectivity


Each of us heard statements more than once that everything comes to the rich easily that to earn big money is unreal. It is possible to steal or inherit couple of millions only.

When understanding that such options of mere mortals are avoided, the bad feeling - envy is born in the soul. And envy possesses destructive ability. And first of all she acts on carriers of this harmful feeling. Instead of to develop and create, many just complain about the unfortunate destiny.

Agree, it is easier to look for guilty around himself, than to find defects in itself. And it is the main mistake. It is not necessary to envy. Let`s compete better. Let`s direct the forces to the peace course. For example, on job searches where pay more, or on preparation to institute. It is necessary to be improved constantly.

Interesting fact. Sociologists found out that poor people, as a rule, avoid highly paid work. Fear of big money and responsibility - the main reasons for refusals of profitable work. You want to become man of means? Then it is necessary to change mental sets and to be able to make crucial decisions.

you Want to live adequately - be able to spin

Passivity - the main obstacle to life with prosperity. So considers most of Europeans. Their basic rule of life - you will be vigorous today, you will become successful tomorrow.

If to judge by results of polls, then we have such qualities as laziness and inertness, are not considered as negative. Then from where the desirable wealth will undertake if not to use the efforts to achievement of the purpose. The businessman is fed not only by legs, but also hands, and the head. Business people do not mark time, they always try to learn and comprehend new: to get second higher education, to learn a foreign language. They are able to combine, for example, one-day sea tour with urgent work at night. Here, as they say, you want to live - be able to spin.

However and it is necessary to spin in the right direction. Experts in the field of psychology consider that own resources are used more rationally if the ultimate goal is clear. So, for example, the person who set for himself the task to open cafe for children will achieve success rather, than the one who abstractly wishes to earn a lot of money. Such approach is validated by the American researches conducted by method of questioning of millionaires. As they grew rich, the majority of them answered a question that work was a main goal in life always. Money is already result of work.

So, it is not necessary to hope that success in a type of a big bag of money will fall to you from the moon. Only commitment and activity will open a door to steadily rich life. the Low self-assessment disturbs


generally at people with a low self-assessment the poverty psychology is formed. They not only do not believe in themselves, but also try to disprove common sense of things.

For example instead of being prepared for interview with the employer, pessimistically adjusted people are sure beforehand that will get this place someone from confidants to the management. As a result from - for uncertainty in himself, in the professional opportunities and excessive nervousness at interview the candidate gets the desired place with an adequate self-assessment.

Conclusion: work on yourself, but do not argue on others. Perhaps, you need the help of the psychologist. Your task - to get rid of uneasiness and the underestimated self-assessment. It is a difficult step. But it is necessary to make it.

it is not necessary to take offense for the whole world

Usually the person at whom the financial question is particularly acute chronically, it is offended on society, heads of the state and the direct administration. He is sure that all have to care for his welfare around.

It is possible to take offense. But from it nothing will change. He who would eat the fruit, must climb the hill. Therefore leave a role of “victim“ and be engaged in business - the career. Become the owner of life! Also you remember - the disappointment traps those who, except ambitions, can offer nothing.

How to become rich and successful. Councils skilled

needs to Work as

with a spark . The American scientists came to a conclusion: if you love business in which you are engaged, then your skills, ability and cerebration become more active. At the same time you feel happy the person. If you pay attention of your head to the successful activity, then receive also a decent additive to a salary.

Understand wealth more widely . Psychologists consider that the people aspiring not only to material wealth, but also to sincere, emotional, are most successful in life. Therefore it is necessary to develop in all directions.

Be not afraid to be mistaken . Already life proved that hundred times are better to be mistaken, but to move forward, than to stand still. The person is more purposeful, the and welfare is higher than him. The success waits only for those who actively strive for it, working on itself.