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How to remain healthy at office?

Work at office. Most of people in the world is engaged in it. However besides money the office can bring also a number of problems with health which are negatively reflected not only in working process, but also in everyday life. For example, sore back, chronic fatigue, tunnel syndrome of a wrist and other not palatable illnesses. It is possible to avoid them, following a number of simple rules.

the fact that people should work for days on end at the computer is the Reason of the most part of office diseases, sitting in one pose. It inevitably causes blood circulation violation (all that time while the person sits, his vessels are pressed), and also an ache and back and neck pain which can develop into osteochondrosis.

Not to bring the matter to development of this illness with which without medical assistance not to cope, it is necessary to distribute load of muscles and a backbone by means of the correct pose. The back has to be straightened, and the basin is moved up closely to a chair back, body weight has to be directed to buttocks, but not to a tailbone.

A number of the elementary exercises which can be executed will help to relax numb muscles, without being prevented from working. To straighten a tired back, it is necessary to put one hand on a nape, and to bring another for a back slightly below than shovels, then to cave in in a waist, at the same time showering the head back so that the nape laid down on a hand. Eventually, it is useful to rise and walk sometimes to change load of a back.

In the same way it is possible to prevent also formation of varicosity and thromboses, that is the clots of blood provoked by hours-long sitting. Try not to assume that legs became numb. Extend them more often, close and disconnect knees, and also avoid a pose “a leg on a leg“. It is interesting that legs, zakinuty on a table, though are beyond appropriate behavior, but very well influence vessels.

Continuous stay in front of the monitor can cause a so-called syndrome of a dry eye which symptoms are shown in feeling of dryness, an itch and burning in eyes, fast fatigue during the reading, irritation and reddening of eyes. To prevent emergence of this syndrome, it is necessary to use enough liquid during the day. Besides, fight against a syndrome of a dry eye is promoted by use of the moistening drops for eyes. Do not rub eyes fingers at all - it will only strengthen irritation.

The tunnel syndrome of a wrist which is shown in a pricking, a sleep, a shiver in fingers and wrist pain also belongs to especially computer diseases also. Pinching of a nerve in the channel of a wrist is the reason of pain. In particular that hand with which people hold a mouse suffers.

It is very simple to avoid a tunnel syndrome. It is necessary to issue a workplace so that during the work with the keyboard the hand bend corner in an elbow was direct, and during the work with a mouse the brush was a straight line and lay on a table as it is possible further from edge. Still it is useful to carry out the elementary exercises for hands - to stir up them, to squeeze and unclench fists, to rotate them round its pivot-center and sometimes to mass palms.

One more risk to ache at office it is connected with conditioners. Remember that instant difference of temperatures, safe for health, - no more than 3 - 5 degrees. Therefore if on the street 30 - a-degree heat, then on arrival to office it is possible to turn on the conditioner of degrees on +25, not below, and only through a couple of hours gradually to lower temperature. Of course, in a situation when the office represents open - a space, it is difficult to arrange the conditioner so that everything it was good. In that case the ordinary Tolstoyan who can be stored directly at work will be the simplest means to avoid an illness.

Remember that the main thing - not to struggle with diseases when they already take place, but not to allow their development. It means that it is necessary to watch himself not only at work, but also out of office, to be able to relax and is banal not to neglect sports exercises.