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Than the Russian tourists are similar to the African refugees?

the President Medvedev called the drowned Bulgaria motor ship an old vessel. In the Internet - forums “Bulgaria“ is called even more sharply - an old boot. And the engine at it was started every other time, and a list on one board, and team in trenik, and windows during a storm are not battened down. Generally, silent horror.

But this silent horror quietly took aboard people and rolled them across Volga until recently. Why?

Because these people were able to afford only such old boot. Cheap, but moves. The refugees from Libya and Tunisia sinking on the way to Europe where - nibud on a beam of the island of Lampedusa thought approximately also.

The African refugees and many Russian tourists are very similar. Just are not able to afford to buy tickets for more comfortable and safe vessels.

The authorities will begin to forbid operation of the old ships, planes and buses now. Everything that transports rather cheap and with risk for life millions of Russians. Type, let stay at home better, than are included in reports of incidents.

Our tourist or the ordinary inhabitant never knows on what vehicle it should move. How many years to the Boeing flying to Hurghada or the bus creeping without conditioner from St. Petersburg to Stockholm or the motor ship which is stubborn going to Kazan on one engine with the windows opened towards to a storm and with a list on the right board.

Ignorance - the best engine of travel business. If to open all information on a condition of our transport park, the number of persons interested to have a rest outside the apartment or the house will sharply be reduced.

In the same way if to open all information on a state of affairs in the country, the number of persons interested here to remain will sharply decrease. Also departure only thought of what to move - that especially will stop them and there is nothing.

Russia will be ruined not only by corruption in all echelons of power. Russia will be ruined by nonprofessionalism and greed.

The commander of the aircraft decides to go through a thunder-storm instead of turning back in airport of departure. Motive: can punish for an excessive consumption of fuel. Result: falling of the aircraft about height of 10 000 meters and death of all passengers and crew members.

The chief engineer of hydroelectric power station does not pay attention to lack of nuts on a turbine cover. Motive: there is no money for repair work. Result: the largest accident on hydroelectric power station and death of 75 people.

The Prime Minister signs new Lesnoy the code which is actually transferring the wood to private hands. At the same time the system of forest protection almost completely collapses. Motive: the private trader operates property better, than the state. Result: hundreds of burned-down houses, hundreds of thousands of died forest hectares, the numerous human victims.

The captain of the motor ship closes eyes to a vessel overload, existence of a list to its withdrawal and bad weather conditions. Motive: owners of the motor ship want to get the maximum profit from its operation, and the captain does not wish them to contradict, being afraid to lose work. Result: ship-wreck and death more than 100 passengers and crew members.

And now it is representable how many still potential accidents ripens practically in any place of Russia from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok.

Where instead of engineers managers, whose task to follow instructions of owners on receiving the maximum profit order.

Where permissions and coordination become at the expense of bribes and kickbacks. Where any old wreck can be started up in operation as absolutely new. Where instead of normal spare parts put the Chinese shit. Where the opinion of the professional does not cost of anything . Because in the country the main thing now - bucks .

And where in the newspaper it is possible to meet such announcement of employment quietly: “The chief power engineer is required. 25 years are not more senior“.

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