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Philip Ispansky is the villain or the slandered lord? The husband and the father of

Observing the Spanish state interests, 16 - summer Philip in 1543 married the daughter of the Portuguese king Maria who, however, died two years later after the birth of the son, Don of Carlos.

It is known that “any, any king cannot marry for love“. In 1554 at the age of 27 years Philip arrived to England, and the queen of England Maria Tudor whom in England there is no monument, and her name, Catholics became his second wife, it is hated. But in her honor Bloody Mary cocktail is called, and day of her death was some time a national holiday!

The bride was 38 years old, and she did not differ in beauty, but Maria sincerely fell in love with the young spouse. Philip, having married the queen, became the king of England and was him within four years!

But, according to the special contract, it was obliged to respect freedoms and liberties of British, not to interfere with the decisions concerning internal affairs of England.

But character and temperament of the son of “the Emperor of the Universe“ did not give up hope that the king “will not show sharp Spanish teeth sooner or later“. Maria became pregnant, and England stood waiting - be born at it the boy, Philip became the founder of a new dynasty of the English kings and the regent. Being in its suite Spanish kabalyeros already bared the swords and on each blurt which seemed to them disrespectful entered fight in which “the winner receives all“. But Maria had a uterus cancer, and it, having managed to appoint the successor the unloved sister - the Protestant Elizabeth, died tormently.

Here where background of future deadly rivalry of two staunch governors - Philip and Elizabeth. Curiously, but the king of England Philip initially was to the sister of the gloomy spouse very kindly favorable disposed. Before death Maria intended to appoint it - the beloved husband and the brother in faith - the successor, but Philip opposed, he was the skilled politician and did not see for himself any benefit to be the successor with the doubtful rights and to become the reason of cruel civil war in England.

But he, certainly, apprehended Elizabeth`s accession as the cruel defeat. To the most death Philip allowed even to stammer to nobody at a truce “with the heretic who stole from it a crown“.

Tragicly there were Philip`s relations with the successor Don Carlos: mentally unbalanced, Carlos fell the first victim of incest in the house Gabsburgov: his father and mother were a cousin brother and the sister. Besides, both grandfathers (the emperor Charles V and the king Zhuan III) and both grandmas (queens Isabella and Catalina) also had each other the cousin brother or the sister. The dynastic union between Spain and Portugal in the third generation turned back the birth of unhealthy posterity.

At the age of 17 years the prince stumbled on a ladder and when falling strongly hit the head, its health became sharp to worsen. To it carried out dangerous cranial trepanation, but improvement did not come. Besides, the prince was round-shouldered, had a small hump and a hollow breast, one leg was shorter another.

The father promised the son to entrust him independent management of the Netherlands, but when Carlos`s morbidity and the anti-Spanish revolution which began in the Netherlands forced the father to refuse the promise, the son was extremely offended. Between the father and the son the cat ran. Once Don Carlos in rage killed a favourite horse of the father.

In 1565 through the prince Eboli don Carlos entered the secret relations with the count L. Egmont (one of leaders of the Netherlands Protestants and, so Philip`s enemy). Immediately carried Philip Eboli on that. It was already close to high treason, and the secondary contacts of Don Carlos with other Dutch messenger (baron de Montinii) which became known to the father provoked the conclusion of the successor under house arrest.

Don Carlos behaved extremely carelessly, trying to run “to the friends“ to Holland, discussing with the persons which instantly became informers, the plan of murder of the father. The prince threatened the father to kill himself in the letter, and Philip forbade to give it in hands even a fork!

On July 28, 1568 at the age of 23 years Don Carlos died. The successor died a natural death, but his tragic death was immediately used by political opponents of the most powerful monarch of Europe (and the whole world). Several centuries later there was a legend of the intimacy of Don which was allegedly taking place of Carlos with the stepmother - the third wife of Philip - Elizabeth Frantsuzskaya (Margarita Navarrskaya`s sister, well-known “Queen Margot“). This history formed the basis of the play of F. Schiller and the opera J. Verdi “Don Carlos“.

What`s the use from the fact that Don Carlos was the unfortunate victim of incest and would be an awful governor if became the king, but in the book it is written and in theater play the four-hour opera how the king - the villain, having been jealous of the young wife of the son, ordered to poison him!

Absolutely otherwise there were relations of the king Philip with daughters from Isabella - Isabella and Catalina.

The oldest daughter was born when Philip was 39 years old. The father took the most vigorous part in education of the daughter who became his favourite. Trusted Isabella Philipp the most classified and important state documents, trusted to translate reports from Italy into Spanish (the master of the semi-world spoke and wrote only in one language - in Spanish).

Before death Philip transferred to the beloved daughter the most important and heaviest inheritance - the Netherlands. At the age of 32 - x years she becomes the ruler of the Spanish Netherlands (modern Belgium).

Isabella married the cousin - the archduke Albrecht Awstriyski, but they had no children. The younger daughter Filippa Catalina (on a portrait it is visible that she was a woman of rare beauty), having married the duke Karl Savoysky, left Madrid, but conducted brisk correspondence with the father.

Philip after death of Don of Carlos was left without successor, at it only girls were born, he began to grow old. In 1570 43 - summer Philip married for the fourth time the niece, the daughter of the cousin, the emperor of the Sacred Roman Empire Maximilian II and the sister Maria - to Anna Avstriyskaya (a request not to confuse to the heroine of the novel Dumas, her granddaughter!).

In 1578, after seven years of a matrimony with Anna, the king Philip waited for the successor Philip`s birth, to the father was 51 years, mother is 29 years old.

Be continued.