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Two-wheeled danger. What drivers of scooters and mopeds forget about?

to me would be desirable to bring up a question of such vehicles as the scooter and the moped. Yes, they significantly differ from motorcycles and the more so from cars, not to mention trucks. Only codification difference does not remove from drivers of scooters and mopeds of responsibility on the road and observance of traffic regulations. Both that, and another are a source of the increased danger, and both for drivers, and for other participants of the movement.

One of the main pluses of the scooter and the moped are rather inexpensive and compact vehicles. It is possible even to compare with great reserve them to bicycle, only much more conveniently. Besides, drivers of both HARDWARE do not need to receive driver`s licenses. Advantage is available - got up in the morning, made toilet, jumped in a saddle and went on the affairs. Unfortunately, many and arrive. And in this chain of actions there is no concept of observance of Traffic regulations.

We will consider the main points of necessary knowledge driver of the scooter and moped. In - the first, on a carriageway such transport has the right to operate only the persons which reached 16 - summer age. Younger teenagers risk to earn a penalty and biased conversation of parents with the staff of traffic police that too is not so pleasant. Also it is necessary to consider that if on “administrativka“ the minor got, penalties, as a rule, lay down on shoulders of official representatives of children and teenagers (if those, naturally, are not emancipated). Thus, after sentimental conversations of parents from representatives of the State traffic inspectorate, parents will be accepted to own children. Though, maybe, it and plus? Perhaps, it will be possible to inform young violators though of some elements of Traffic regulations?

Next moment. Neither the moped, nor the scooter have no right to leave on the center of the road. According to standards of traffic regulations, this HARDWARE is obliged to go on roadsides or the region of the carriageway in the direction of a transport stream.

Further. According to point 19. 5 traffic regulations of the Russian Federation, on scooters and mopeds at any time, on an equal basis with other vehicles, the passing beam of headlights has to be turned on.

What else mistakes drivers of scooters and mopeds can make? Having analysed all road accidents with participation of scooters and mopeds, the following is established:

- movement, holding a wheel only one hand (probably, drivers consider themselves as the real experts or pilots of “Formula One“ though the official statistics convinces of the return);

- transportation of passengers (except unless transportations of children under 7 years on the additional seat equipped with reliable footboards);

- transportation of goods, acting on width or length more than on half-meter;

- to move on the road without crash helmet.

As most often teenagers steer mopeds and scooters, the following information is intended to parents. What it is important to remember upon purchase of data of the HARDWARE?

In - the first, consider age of the child. 15 - 16 years are that time when the minor wants to try everything, to test own opportunities. And especially, when the neighbor rides the moped, it is quite natural that the teenager also dreams to saddle “an iron horse“. Alas, similar aspirations most often come to an end tragically.

In - the second, pay attention to physical data of the son. For driving by the scooter certain physical efforts are required. The teenager can undergo risk that at some point will not manage to drive.

In - the third, in case of accident the young driver can suffer serious injuries. According to traumatologists, at identical blow on force about elements of a design of the same moped the child receives more serious injuries, than the adult. That is the adult can get only bruise, at 15 - the summer teenager also the change is quite possible. It as for easy blow. We will not paint more serious injuries - everyone will conjecture them.

To steer the scooter or the moped or not to operate - to solve, of course, to you. But you remember that you were warned about all subtleties of movement on data of the HARDWARE. The last word, certainly, for teenagers and their parents. Also it is necessary only to believe that reasonable teenagers in our city there are much more careless.

And finally as a food for thought we present to your attention a little dorozhno - the transport incidents which happened exactly a year ago in the territory of my region of the Komi Republic in which citizens received injuries. It is, naturally, only a drop in the ocean. I specified only three cases of road accident, in reality this figure can be multiplied safely on 100 is only for one Russian region.

In Ukhta the scooter, driving which sat 22 - the summer girl overturned. She tried to turn to the right, but did not manage to drive. As a result fell together with the scooter and got injured foot.

In Syktyvkar suffered 19 - the summer driver of the moped. The victim at turn on the left on a green signal of the traffic light did not provide advantage in the movement to other vehicle and made collision with the motorcycle “Ural“ which moved directly in the counter direction.

In Udorsky district the scooter ran on 10 - the summer boy. Road accident happened in the settlement of Blagoyevo in the evening, steered the scooter 19 - the summer girl. It ran over the pedestrian who moved by a carriageway in the passing direction. As a result of road accident the child got the closed fracture of a shin and a graze of the face.

, of course, to draw Conclusions only to you.