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Paid taxes? Vote quietly!

Recently I read a cycle of articles of Yulia Latynina “Party of three obols“. The author on the basis of numerous examples from history of the different countries does curious supervision: all voters are divided into two “parties“ - those who pay to treasury more, than receive from treasury (businessmen, hired workers in private business etc.), and those who receive more, than bring (state employees, pensioners, disabled people, students etc.).

The first party is interested to pay as little as possible, and therefore they stand up for minimization of the state (decrease in its regulating role, taxes, the device, etc.) and the second, on the contrary, for its maximizing (increase in taxes, increase in social payments, strengthening of its control of business) as are interested to receive more.

And so, Latynina draws a conclusion: prosperity of the state depends on what of these parties has a greater influence in the country. You will guess what? After reading of these articles the thought came to my mind as it is possible to reform an electoral system in the country that the party of prosperity got electoral advantage.

We will imagine such situation: there is a meeting of country cooperative. Discuss what to spend the raised money for: on repair of the road or hiring of the watchman. And here the bum Vasya who is living at a witness mark and eternally begging money for binge butts in - he wants to participate in vote too and demands that its voice was considered! Wildness? Absurdity? Certainly! Now I smoothly pass to the offered project of reform...

only taxpayers have to have Voting rights, and the more by the specific person it is paid taxes, the it has to have more voices.

Such reform will allow to solve the whole knot of problems at once:

1. The collecting of taxes will raise, the state will have money. People will avoid “gray“ salaries and “gray“ schemes.

2. The state will cease to produce beggars and dependents. People of work, creators will be held in high esteem. Creative efficiency of the state will increase.

3. Elections will become intelligent procedure, and responsible heads, but not populists will be elected. Democratic institutes will start working to the full extent (parliament, court, etc.)

Expecting numerous indignations of readers, I ask to read the following note attentively:

This reform - on the future. This reform should be carried out only after crash of a present kleptocracy, revision of results of privatization, trial of swindlers and thieves, their parties, fronts and leaders. In the rights only honest taxpayers have to have advantage. In present conditions such reform will lead to the return result.

Well, now oligarchs will choose the proteges and to write laws under themselves? (indignation in the hall)

Of course, it is not necessary to do for owners of huge fortunes of too big electoral advantage before ordinary workers. For this purpose I offer the following formula:

A poll = lnN, where N - the sum of the taxes paid for all life.

the Logarithmic scale will reduce influence of oligarchs to zero, be at them even on 20 voices (and it is 100 million rubles. taxes), 1000 oligarchs will not make any weather among millions of voters.

How to realize it in practice? (mistrust in the hall)

it is very simple to b to Realize such idea in practice: the person comes to elections with an extract from the tax inspection, and depending on the sum of the paid taxes issue him the bulletin of the corresponding advantage (according to the special table) - from 1 voice to 25. At calculation of bulletins not only their quantity, but also advantage is considered. Also the cashier considers revenue after the working day, summarizing banknotes of various face values.

And how inflation? (bewilderment in the hall)

the Sum of the taxes paid for all life has to calculate taking into account inflation coefficient. The coefficient has to pay off on the formula approved by the law: the cost of a basic consumer basket in settlement year is divided into the cost of the same basket in the base year.

Whether oligarchs will pay 100 million. taxes for the sake of 20 voices? (laughter in the hall)

Certainly, 20 voices - not the main reason for them to honestly pay taxes. The main reason has to be - reputation . And voices - as a pleasant bonus, as recognition of merits before the country. The main idea of the project - sharp increase in influence of middle class ! Middle class (educated, highly qualified specialists) - the motor of any positive transformations of the country. The poor does not need modernization, innovations are not necessary, they cannot work for the future. It is necessary for them it is banal to survive. Respectively, they give in on empty promises of populists easier, it is simpler to deceive them momentary benefit or to buy a bottle of fake vodka.

And how housewives? (offense in the hall) I do not consider

Ya that this work with something is worse than others. But I consider that time they do not pay taxes, they should not participate in a country government. In the same way tractor operators, pilots, teachers, doctors and representatives of any other professions, should not participate in a country government if they do not pay taxes (get paid in envelopes, on barter, etc.) .

And then pensioners will have more voices, than students, and will begin to draw the budgetary blanket on themselves! Pensions, but not allocations for education will grow? (whistle in the hall)

Yes, influence of one average pensioner will be more, than one average student. And I do not see any problem here. It is fair: the pensioner all life stooped on the state, and the student also did not begin. Why they have to be equal? For what reason? As for planning of the budget on pensions or education - so deputies will be engaged in it, but not voters. And too not fools, grandsons many have pensioners. They are interested in a financing of education too.

I suggest dear readers to discuss the project in comments to this article. I understand that it is in many respects not perfect that there will be a weight more of objections and amendments. But in general, in my opinion, such reform will help to overcome destructive influence of “party of three obols“ and to bring, at last, our country to a way of development and prosperity.