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Who drowned “Bulgaria“? Several questions on ship-wreck in the center of Russia

the facts, Known from mass media:

The cruise motor ship in the center of Russia sinks within several minutes. By motor ship there are about 70 people over regulations (190 against 120). The team does not take any actions for rescue of passengers (at least, so far nothing is known of it).

By motor ship panic - all escape as they can. After flooding of the motor ship (the preliminary version of crash - the wrong maneuver of the boatmaster in a small storm which led to capsizing on the right board) by there pass two cargoships. Which for some reason do not stop, and from their boards (on an attestation of eyewitnesses) shoot the accident site with mobile phones.

About 80 people are rescued by the second motor ship which arrived to the accident site through an hour and a half. And allegedly the passengers who learned about ship-wreck “Bulgaria “ on the Internet managed to convince his captain.

One or two persons managed to reach the coast independently.

Two people picked up “Meteor“ (when it approached - it is unknown).

More than hundred people are considered as missing persons. Most likely, they could not get out of the sunk liner. Among not found - nearly fifty children.

By results of the next tragedy there are several questions:

1. Who at us controls the number of passengers on vessels and can forbid an exit in navigation of the vessel?

2. What body in the port of Kazan did not notice an obvious list on the right board (can, they pumped fuel only in one tank on the right board or there was some other reason)?

3. Whether the captain of the motor ship was warned about the worsening weather conditions and whether we have someone, capable to force the captain to wait a storm at the coast?

4. Apparently, “Bulgaria“ had an old, worn-out engine which constantly became deaf at the previous cruises. Who released the vessel with obvious technical malfunctions?

5. Whether captains two passing by the cargo ships which did not give to help will be found and punished? It is, by the way, criminal article.

6. Whether the signal of SOS was given by team of “Bulgaria“ and whether were it it is accepted and recorded by teams of other courts and service Ministry of Emergency Situations?

7. How fast after ship-wreck there arrived rescuers and whether they at least rescued one person? And the place of crash is not the Arctic Ocean. Whether helicopters how the fastest transport for rescue of people were sent?

8. Whether had the captain and starpy “Bulgaria“ necessary qualification for control of motor ship?

9. Why saving means fully were not involved and whether there were they by motor ship? Whether drills among passengers at departure were staged: where to run also what to do in case of state of emergency?

10. Who is a real owner of the motor ship and whether it (they) will pay compensations to dead and injured to passengers? Or will be limited only to standard apologies and condolences?

11. Why passengers were not insured and who has to check an insurance?

12. When to us to wait for the following “Bulgaria“?

However, last question, most likely, rhetorical...