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Let`s cheer up? With alarm about caffeine

statistically every second inhabitant of the planet got used “to be invigorated“ with a cup of fragrant coffee in the mornings, and in the evening in front of the TV to enjoy strong tea with a chocolate. And hardly these fans of caffeine know that they subject themselves to real danger.

And business, you see that caffeine - a soft stimulator which forms dependence and refusal of it provokes withdrawal pains. Coffee is considered the leader in the content of caffeine, but you should not forget about the cook - Coca, chocolate and even anti-cold preparations. Its excess use can lead to negative consequences: to the speeded-up heartbeat, heartburn, colitis and hemorrhoids, deficiency of calcium, chronic headaches, mastopathy, depressions etc. of

But about everything one after another...

Sensitivity to caffeine at all different. There are people who do not feel on themselves its negative properties. But such it is not enough. For most of coffee-achievers such love does not pass completely. Especially here astenik and children were not lucky.

Asteniki are inclined to fatigue and the lowered pressure, and effect of caffeine too short-term. After energy emission the health worsens, the fatigue is rolled quicker, and the organism independently does not want to develop energy any more or cannot, and again it is necessary to resort to artificial stimulation that exhausts over time reserves of neuromediators (the active chemicals transferring electric impulses). As a result we have depressions, diagnose for us vegeto - vascular dystonia, the sleep is interrupted and there is a problem of natural falling asleep.

Caffeine also leads to washing away from a calcium organism. And it is fraught with deterioration in a dental health, fragility of bones, violation of balance in system calcium - magnesium and, as a result, chronic back pains and cervical department of a backbone. What becomes the osteochondrosis reason at early age? Correctly, coffee, the cook - Coca and chocolate. Because the excessive hobby for these products reduces the level of B1 and B6 vitamins and leads to deterioration in blood supply of a brain, decrease in hemoglobin. And it means, hello, a headache and irritability!

The advantage of calcium for an organism of the pregnant woman is high, the need for it during this difficult period increases, and the use of caffeine leads to violation of development of a fruit. As a result the child is born with a small weight, it late cuts teeth, growth does not correspond to physical parameters of age, and vnutriutrobno he inherits caffeine dependence.

Now about children. Lyubov to chocolates can provoke muscular twitchings, night enuresis, an anemia, feeling of alarm, hypererethism, tearfulness and aggression. Exit one: the later you will acquaint the child with sweets, the he will be healthier.

In some countries there is even a ban on sale of the drinks containing caffeine, youth. For example, since 2010 in America energy drinks as hazardous to health are forbidden, and in 2009 in Krasnodar Krai the changes forbidding to sell such drinks to children and teenagers are made to the law “About Restrictions in the Sphere of Retail of the Drinks Containing the Toning Components“. Therefore the ban was imposed by trading floors also on Kok - Cola, both on Pepsi, and on Red Blvd.

But whether it is worth refusing absolutely favourite products, to solve to everyone independently. Even poison in small quantities - medicine. Or, as still the Athenian archon Solon spoke, in everything the measure is necessary.