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Maximum of pleasure from life - at least?

Life human without pleasures do not make sense. Moreover it is possible to tell that everything that becomes the person, eventually, is directed to receiving pleasure. This word has enough synonyms - pleasure, pleasure, delight, a joy, a gratefulness, joy, a consolation, delight, fun; the okhotka, game, a sweet, relish, sweet, a torchok, the drive, an entertainment, satisfaction, pleasure, a favor, luxury, entertainment, a high, baldezh and is a lot of others. But the importance of one of its forms before others for all, fortunately, different.

In Christianity many of forms in general are rejected since are sinful, bringing the person to exhaustion both spiritual, and physical then there occurs the bitter disappointment, suffering or even a grief and death.

And if to conduct survey on “From What You Derive Bigger Pleasure“, then it seems to me, the majority on the first place will put sex, on the second - gluttony, then children, sport, science, art, music etc., including, undoubtedly, alcoholic intoxication, a sigaretokureniye, kofepity and other.

Siegmund Freud describes the principle of pleasure as aspiration of mentality to undervoltage to a minimum level and that he is under supervision at an inclination to death, i.e. zeroings of mental loading. Perhaps Freud is also right, only his conclusion painfully tragically looks.

We will return to the subject. If something is not pleasant to you, but you are forced all the same by it to be engaged without any pleasure, then it means that you pursue an ultimate goal - receiving the same pleasure but which is a little delayed on time and receiving it in bigger quantity. It can be postponement of means for purchase of a desired thing, sea tour, birthday. The pleasure can be and constant, but a little measured and scattered. That about it to say yes if and so all know all this long ago.

It is necessary to pay or pay for pleasures, the sense of the second happens quite deplorable. But life is so arranged. If something is impossible, but there is a strong wish, then - it is possible.

If someone says that it does something for others only for that it was better for them or it is good, then lies - it does it, first of all, for itself(himself), indirectly or obviously. When you come to a concert of the favourite actor and it seems to you that he acts for you and to you similar, it is deception, he is absorbed by itself and derives from it pleasure maximum, but you to be deceived are glad, it is one of forms of receiving pleasure too.

You think that politicians, deputies, the government and other though for a minute reflect to make your life it is better? No. They just are afraid that you will make their life worse. And they derive pleasure from the fact that as if they did not fool the people, it skhavat everything, will digest and at worst otrygnt. If only the consequence from with what you are fed, had no lethal outcome.

We often derive imaginary pleasure, watching those who receive it actually, through glossy magazines, airs or movies that creates a certain illusion of partnership, and then we are upset that at us not everything is so iridescent moreover we can be depressed.

On anybody it is not necessary to count, do all, only this way it is possible to find happiness. If you cannot derive pleasure from life, then especially will not be able to let know his another.

Have sex, drink, you smoke, believe in God, run, dance, you love, you can even envy, hate and hit into a muzzle to the one whom you hate... But only until you derive from it pleasure. And as soon as you will feel discomfort - replace accents, an occupation, the vacation spot, an adoration subject etc. and again you can derive pleasure.