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Trip to the Seychelles - exotic for small money.

In June, 2011 I together with my wife and the daughter went to a two-week trip to the Seychelles. I shortly want to tell

In this article about the Seychelles and as it is possible to cut down expenses on travel.

Seychelles are more than one hundred islands (the largest of granite, other reef) in the Indian Ocean, almost on the equator, is not far from Madagascar. This certain republican state which is operated by the elected president. For the Russian citizens the visa is not necessary, it is enough to have the international passport, the return ticket and the address where you are going to stop. All customs procedures take 10 minutes.

Thanks to remoteness from continents, on islands the unique flora and fauna remained. And from - for warm and a humid climate (all the year round around 28 - 34 degrees with rare rains), in Seychelles the surprising set of fruit grows. Local population - Creoles, surprisingly peaceful people who do not hurry anywhere. At them all in prosperity - the sun, the ocean and excellent mood! English and French, kreolets tell language on islands on mix of these languages. Currency on islands - rupee, but willingly take dollars (12 rupees for dollar) and euro (17 rupees for euro).

the Only minus of travel to Seychelles is a long flight which takes about 11 hours from Moscow. It is possible to reach several airlines - Emiratsky airlines (change in Dubai), Frantsuzkiye (with change in Paris) and Qatar (change in Doha) the companies. We flew on Qatar. Accurate service and desire of crew to satisfy any whim was pleasant. Airfare is about 1000 - 1300 dollars.

I did not begin to use services round of operators, and found the place of residence on the island of Mahe (it is the largest island) on the Internet. The place was surprisingly successful - a big country house (about 100 sq.m, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, the dining room, a drawing room and kitchen), to the beach Bo Valon 5 - 7 minutes on foot (the beach is considered the best on the island - as in Russia “Rublyovka“). For booking of a country house I paid 200 euros in advance and asked to organize a transfer from the airport. At an exit from the building of air terminal we were met by the smiling Creole with my surname on a sheet of paper. 30 minutes - and we on the place.

The hostess of a country house Tessie - the Creole met us about 45 years as family  In the refrigerator yes there was a food initially. Having paid country house cost in all two weeks (for 150 euros a day), we with Tessie went for excursion across the nearby territory. It showed a way on the beach and the nearest shops.

As we could not wait to plunge into the ocean, we first of all rushed to the beach. To what he was beautiful - white, slightly with is yellow sand and tender waves. Beach extent Bo Valon more than 1 km. People on the beach there were 3 persons - a morning more. But also during the day of people was very little - not to compare to Turkey where to lie down not where. Comfortably having settled down in a shadow of a big tree, we plunged into the water. Just the charm - a flat bottom (up to the depth of 2 meters about 10 - 15 meters from the coast) and temperature is about 25 degrees. Generally LIFE was SUCCESSFUL!!! 

On the beach Bo Valon is an opportunity to dive with an aqualung (50 dollars for an hour), and also to drive on the scooter (40 dollars in 20 minutes), a parachute (60 dollars in 10 minutes), windsurfing, a water ski etc. As it appeared, other beaches on the island are not equipped with almost such entertainments and generally represent small cozy bays.

So, have a good swim - there was a wish to eat  It is possible to go to local small restaurants (a lunch for three about 50 - 100 dollars), and it is possible to prepare and - the benefit on our country house the kitchen was fully completed by equipment. Came into shop, stocked up - the lunch cost 15 dollars 

of the Price in shop such: bread - 1 dollar, yogurt - 1 dollar, mincemeat - 5 dollars for a kg floor, water - 1. The 5th dollar for liter or 3 dollars for 5 liters (so we bought then 5 - ti liter bottles). Fruit and fresh fish are on sale generally in the markets. Everything is on sale for rupees, but will not refuse to take dollars or euro. Sellers generally Hindus or Chinese. Shops not big - like our general stores. But in them beginning to eat from bread and finishing with laundry detergent.

From alcohol I drank local Sey Brew beer - on 20 rupees for 0. 28 l and Takamak`s vodka - on 200 rupees for 0. 7 l. In shops there are many import alcoholic beverages. our hostess Tessie was glad to prepare

for us. For one of dinners it prepared for us fish of Red Snaper with several salads (from a papaya sharp and from potato) and with sharp gas station from chili pepper. Took for everything from us 40 dollars. Fish of a fir-tree the whole week, did not master.

On the beach local sellers of trips on catamarans and go to fishing. The prices bite. For the whole day the trip on a catamaran (it from 9 to 16 o`clock) manages for 200 - 300 euros from the person. This price includes excursion, a snorling, a barbecue from fish and chicken and soft drinks.

Ya very much wanted to go to fishing and found cheap option - for 250 euros for three. Two hours we were engaged in trolling - but caught nothing . After that we were landed in a small cozy bay where prepared for us a barbecue. Fish and chicken in local hot sauce, plus salad from tomato and fig. It was very tasty.

After food went to snorlit - we were given masks and told where to float. And before us the amazing underwater world - a huge number of various fishes of all flowers of a rainbow opened. The lovely sight is simple! Having impressed, we caught fish trolling not many and at 16 o`clock returned on the beach. Everything was healthy, but the mood saddened lack of a catch.

In one of days decided to go to the capital of Seyshel - the city of Victoria. The car did not begin to be taken, decided to plunge into a local situation - went by bus. To go 20 minutes, the cost of 5 rupees to the person. Drivers of buses as well as everywhere - just racers, put bends that took the breath away.

Victoria - probably one of the smallest capitals - the area of the center is about 10 World famous sight - pass the copy of the London tower of Big Ben. Came into the museum of natural sciences, learned a lot of new about fauna and flora of the Seychelles.

Further - the market. As well as around the world is an opportunity to get acquainted with the local atmosphere and to buy something tasty. We bought fillet of a shark - 50 rupees for 2 kg, bananas - 50 rupees for 25 pieces (for some reason piece price) and something else on a trifle. The market not big - about 100 by 50 meters. Fishes the choice just huge - sell only fresh caught. On the place can clean and chop on pieces.

In the market is a lot of benches with souvenirs and textiles, it is possible to buy souvenirs. What we also made. The prices of the same goods in different benches can differ many times - therefore it is necessary to bargain, kreolets always concede.

Next day we went to a sightseeing tour around the island Mai. For this purpose employed the taxi driver. The service price for the whole day of 100 euros. The driver Robbie was very smiling and showed us all sights of the island.

We got on the highest survey platform of the island - more than 500 meters above sea level from where before us the panorama to Victoria and the neighboring islands opened. The platform is equipped with a canopy and shops. Many visitors, probably considered that it is necessary to leave the name, having scratched it on a canopy wall. The largest inscription - FSB RUSSIA  And here Russians caused a stir …

Further we went down on the coast and traveled over all beaches of the island. On some there were very big waves, and on a full calm. Generally it is possible to pick up the beach on the taste. People on them was not much, it was possible to settle down with comfort where it would be pleasant.

In couple of days of lying on the beach, we wanted new impressions and we decided to hire the car for an independent trip on other beaches. To lease the car costs 40 euros per day. From documents it is necessary to show the rights (the Russian approach) and to allow to skate a credit card as pledge. After return of the car, the copy of the card is returned.

Having refueled (gasoline stands up 18 rupees for liter), we started on on a way. Though on islands left-hand traffic, I quickly adapted. The movement of cars quiet - around 40 - 60 km/h. Nobody drives and cuts as like to do it in Russia.

In Seychelles very quickly darkens - at 19 o`clock night. Dawn at 6 in the morning. After sunset night life begins around. Sitting on our verandah, we observed flights of a flying fox (as a big bat - wingspan more than 50 cm) and were played with geckoes who like to stay at home on walls. Though I read much that in Seychelles there are no mosquitoes, we were not pleasantly surprised with abundance of midges which flew on light of lamps. We were not bitten, but there were a lot of midges. Even the insect similar to our wasp, only black light flew. It was necessary to take the  newspaper in a hand;

From night entertainments for tourists - several discos, a set of restaurants and a casino work at the island. It to be pleasant to fans of night life.

Bringing total articles, I want to tell that two weeks flew by very quickly. We did not even manage to go to the neighboring islands - Praslin and La - Dig. On Praslin, for example, grow up a symbol Seyshel - Koko`s coco - - Measures. It is similar to part of a female body.

Return to Russia did not make any works - the customs at the Airport took 1 minute. In Domodedovo similarly. If my article interested in

you and you decided to go to the Seychelles, I am ready to give you help in placement on a country house where we lived. With the hostess close contact and she is come with pleasure of signs of the next tourists from Russia. The cost of rent of a country house - 150 euros a day. For booking it is necessary to pay in two days in advance, not later than 1 month before estimated date of arrival. If you do not know as to make it, I can help. I paid through Alphabank for the Internet.

To buy air tickets also does not make any problems - only the Internet and the VISA card is necessary. You are not able - I can help.

Well and at the end, I am ready to share the plans for Seychelles. Having visited islands once, I am ready to return for them again and again. Therefore we spent several days for search of real estate on the island Mai. There is a lot of offers, the prices fluctuate from 300000 euros to 1 million euros and more. Both new and old houses are on sale. The price includes the earth, the house and all situation in the house. We could pick up the option suitable for us for 400000 euros  With pleasure I will help also you to find the lodge in Paradise!

Thank you that read up my post up to the end. I will be glad to answer any questions and to read your comments!