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Who is guilty? And what to do to be similar to Cleopatra. Part 1.

the Woman, first of all, has to be pleasant to herself. I assure you, in it there is nothing bad. Here, and only here, source of our charm and self-confidence. If the man in identical socks is also shaved - he already looks good, and with us everything is much more difficult. Of course, the car is more perfect, the it, in our case, more difficult. Men are arranged more simply and therefore is stronger, and women of a mnogovektorna so are so vulnerable. Though at all this we manage long to live.

Agrees, see off on mind. But, when I will be seen off absolutely, to me will already be to spit as this ceremony will be arranged. Though, however, and now for me is more main that I think of myself.

how it is so beautiful father married you?

Here such thoughts rushed one morning in my correct head when having glanced, as always, hasty in a mirror, I met a gloomy effeminate being with eyes of dead fish there. And for some reason it was not pleasant to me. Moreover, I did not want to live with this misfortune nearby!

Ya never considered itself as the beauty, but also did not worry about it. Even when the juvenile daughter, considering photos of my youth, frankly uttered: “How it is so beautiful father married you?“ I burst out laughing, without having taken offense at all, having thought that prettiness is not beauty yet.

But this morning became my Rubicon. Mechanical life came to an end and life another - comprehended for which I, probably, ripened began. And I “stuck together myself from what was“.

First of all I began to look for particles of knowledge of personal care. Then there was no such abundance of information on this subject yet. At me years on development and approbation of everything left that experts advise us, women.

But I persistently strayed along unfamiliar corridors of vital secrets.

Not to be a layman, I ended courses of cosmetologists, studied Hatha yoga, astrology and many other things. The main conclusion which I drew for myself: in total very much and even very individually. As they say that to Russian it is good, to the German - death.

A trial and error method I created own system of improvement and rejuvenation. In this system the main place is taken by a psychological factor.

It is necessary just to want very much, and then surely everything will turn out !

If you want to change something in yourself, begin with the main thing, with the head. The desire to work on itself has to be strong, but, at the same time, it has to be “poured“ and should not strain, that is, it has to be natural. And the powerful motivation is for this purpose necessary.

my motivation: I want to be healthy, beautiful, favourite ! In such sequence.

to remain on the place, it is necessary to run very quickly ! Everything is achievable

! When you attack heaven, it is necessary to aim god. But you remember as soon as you stop working on yourself, the achieved result gradually disappears. One my acquaintance was about it expressed: “To remain on the place, it is necessary to run very quickly“. Really, the success waits only for stayers.

Care of the appearance, about health cannot be incidental, it has to be lifestyle. The person is our business card. You never why youth is so beautiful reflected? Yes it, is generally healthy.

Health without beauty is possible, beauty without health, I will never dare to claim, ! The noticeable result after I began to take care of the own life, was shown, approximately, in half a year. It was such dope! The success inspired me: I can also it!

Now I speak to all interested: “It is unimportant what to do, to derive from it pleasure much more important“. I, for example, do exercises, I take a contrast shower. The first five years had a shower bath cold water and the hatkha - yoga was engaged.

Proceeding from the supervision, I consider that cold water is more useful to men, than women. Besides, in an organism there has to be a balance hot and cold. Very few people know that Porfiry Ivanov going barefoot in the winter on snow and bathing in an ice-hole, once a week took a steam bath in a bath.

Now one - two times a week I visit a gym and a sauna, two - three times a year starve on seven - fourteen days. The separate anthem everything winning and everything to the curing water. Water washes away bad, heavy power. It carries away with itself our grieves and cares, protects us and updates. Now I am sure by

that all signs connected with water, not empty fictions they are based on realities of thousand-year supervision. Hunger suits besides not all but only to people with the constitution of “slime“ or “bile“. The heaviest - an exit from hunger and to starve when the organism is already trained, at all not and it is difficult.

Once during hunger strike to me, probably, to brighten up my loneliness, glanced a mouse. But the guest as then it appeared, was not such ekstremalka as I. In several days I found it dead. The poor creature did not sustain my mode, she could not be eaten: in the house there was no flavor of food even.

It is, by the way, a bright example. Precisely so, I think, all microbes perish and diseases recede. In order that it is fine to look, the woman has to get enough sleep. And again at everyone the norm. People with an active metabolism restore the forces quicker, than at what this process is slowed down.

It is important that in the morning you got up fresh and with good mood, having smiled to the reflection in a mirror: “Ah, what I am a charm!“ Try not to be painted with

hurriedly, nervously. The make-up is a same meditation, it is training on creation of strange morning which continuation will be a flashing, filled with unique life day.

From all perfumery abundance I prefer everything truly natural. And of course massage. Any massage is a feast for a body: acceleration of blood circulation and metabolism. I do a facial massage and various masks.

Any especially I do not adhere to diets. I eat that there is a wish and I do not spoil to myself life on trifles. I consider that the organism itself knows that it is necessary for it. By itself, I give preference to food natural and low-processed. Any grain for porridges I presoak

since evening, and in the morning she does not demand long cooking, and all useful substances in it intact! Meat I eat seldom, especially sausages. Meat - food of predators, it gives to the person aggression.

But if slobbers ran, I do not arrange torture to myself. When it is impossible, but there is a strong wish, means - it is possible! Learn the blood type, eating priority products, you will better feel.

I advise in general all councils what now countless multitudes, not to take very much to heart. For example, for appearance skin, all go on unanimously, it is required to drink a lot of water. By itself, only not to Tauruses and Scales. Their weak spot - kidneys. It is not required to women of these zodiac signs of water much.

Any doctor or the cosmetologist does not know you as you know. You remember it always.