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How quickly to learn a foreign language? Part 1

In many magazines, including in Shkolezhizni. ru, it was necessary to read councils how more effectively to learn a foreign language: what techniques to choose what textbooks what teachers.

Also I will afford, the tutor in the recent past, to make the recommendations.

All of us to us need to learn English urgently and it is desirable in perfection. As well as where it can be made?

I am afraid, my answer will not be pleasant to you: anywhere and in any way. It is impossible to learn English for short term. And for long too …

First of all: what means to learn English in perfection? I will hit question with a question: and you know Russian in perfection? If your answer “Yes“, then you can not read this article further: at you and so everything is all right.

And if your answer “No“ (as well as mine), then try to estimate, what is the time you have to be necessary to learn a foreign language to the level of your native? And whether it is possible?

Though is not present - perhaps! Throw everything, buy the ticket to the country where there live “carriers“, and try to survive there. I think that in a month you start talking. Through two if you go there to study, - you will begin more - to write less competently. And now again question: you will take such extreme measures for the sake of knowledge of language?

As if well you were engaged on your courses, you do not start talking a foreign language, there will be no practice yet. So I always spoke to the pupils. On the one hand. On the other hand - did everything possible that they were ready to this moment.

The first meeting with the real foreigner is shock. All knowledge instantly disappears. The situation is aggravated if at this moment you are surrounded by witnesses of your progress or strict critics, like parents who right there draw a conclusion: “Well, here - taught - learned so much time, and he cannot tell the word! Means, in vain money of a plachena?“

Feature of our mentality consists today that in most cases we learn a foreign language “for the future“, without knowing when it is necessary to apply it. In order that knowledge could remain, they have to be strong and deep. If you studied long, seriously - believe, it not for nothing. Further, when the foreign language is required, you estimate it.

But we will return to recommendations. Read advertizing, councils: speak to us about unique techniques, unique teachers. But nothing is told about the main component of training. This component - you .

Perhaps, my council will not be pleasant again. I consider that for 80% the success of training depends on you - how seriously and long you are ready to be engaged. The vast majority of adults who begin to study English “for the future“, a course are up to the end not taken. The slightest obstacle - load at work, financial problems, health - a pause. Temporary as the pupil considers. He sincerely believes that as soon as difficulties pass, he will recommence lesson and … does not appear any more. Why? How there wisdom says? It is impossible to enter twice the same river?

At others it is even worse: intentions are the most serious, not to begin here only in any way … The reasons - the same, and the same final, only earlier. N - yes, quite another matter our children: them is that we force, and here to force ourselves … I Know

- I know that now some thought: “Perhaps the pupil refuses the teacher, but not training or, it is worse than that, - refuses training because to it the dull teacher discouraged?“ However, in this case it turns out that dull teachers - the vast majority.

So - from the textbook, techniques, the teacher - nothing depends? Somewhat depends.

Imagine that you have to make some business. You know that you are able to do it, and anyway will make. However, if there are good assistants - will make quicker, bad - will slow down business. But you can wave on them a hand and to make everything. If “business“ - studying of language, and “assistants“ - textbooks, teachers and techniques, then the scheme of relationship such.

By the way! All forgot about it - the foreign language can be learned independently!

Generally, quite so was at me. When I began to study English, there was a reorganization heat. Money was not enough for food not that on training payment! But I had a good assistant - the textbook.

About the textbook


the Textbook to you will be recommended by the teacher. And if it is courses, then nobody will ask. In any case, to refuse training only because you do not like the textbook, is not necessary. But if you have a choice or you are going to study independently, then I recommend “old woman Bonk“.

And not new colloquial addition, but the two-volume book: N. A. Bonk, G. A. Koty, N. A. Lukyanova - 1 part; N. A. Bonk, N. A. Lukyanova, L. G. Pamukhin - the 2nd part, the edition 11. Probably, you heard about this textbook a lot of negative - outdated, boring, does not teach conversation. You heard it from those who according to this textbook did not study or studied less. Those who learned English to rather good level and know this textbook, speaks of it with great respect.

Except Bonk (so it is accepted to call briefly this textbook), I studied also according to other textbooks and I can tell: I did not meet more fundamental, careful and conscientious development on studying of English. How many work and love to business is enclosed in it! Love to business, but not to the forthcoming fee which was not in those days.

For those who consider that he it outdated, will ask a question: how many years you live? During this time Russian changed to unrecognizability? Here also and with English. Does not teach colloquial? It is a lie! All second part is an obtaining colloquial skills and in the first part of colloquial exercises enough. If to perform all tasks in full - you will have colloquial skills!

Yes, at that time there were no tape recorders and computers, but now - that they are! And you with success can add them to training process. It does not contradict the textbook at all. Tiresome? Its “Soviet“ orientation raises an ironic smile. And really it is bit tiresome. But it concerns only texts and questions. Besides in the second part works of classics are already used. To take this textbook and to overwork on a modern harmony. But nobody undertakes it - too serious and responsible problem!

In one of Shkolyzhizni`s articles. ru I found council how to check learning efficiency. For this purpose it is necessary to return to material of three-months prescription and to check his knowledge. Checked in due form! Knowledge is! And the merit in it is “old woman Bonk“.

And concerning tediousness. Here already we pass to techniques. Game forms are considered as modern techniques. I in the occupations used them as additions too. However it is impossible to change training for game. All of them - have different appointment. The serious perception demands concentration. This my opinion. Personally the textbook of a format of the children`s book with bright pictures irritated me and distracted.

If all tasks are based on what you need “to insert“ or “choose“ only instead of completely making and writing down the offer, profound knowledge will not be. Such textbooks are calculated that training will be right there supported with practical application. In this case depth of knowledge is not necessary, but “for the future“ they not really are suitable for knowledge.

We will distract a little. In due time for preparation for examination of the international sample recommended us the book of doctor Wilfred Fanc and Norman Lewis “30 days to improve the speech“ (approximately so I translated). To improve the speech - means to increase the intellectual level. How it would be made by you? I think that the majority would have an answer approximately such: “It is necessary to read more including informative literature. Perhaps, to go to exhibitions, to attend lectures …“

As you think what authors of the book offer Americans for increase of intellectual level?

Be continued.