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The hair dryer - Shui and money of

the Hair dryer - Shui and money

How to grow rich?

Provided that places where the person lives and works, will “be equipped“ from the point of view of the fan - Shui correctly, it is unconditional in a certain measure promotes that he will be healthy and successful in all other spheres. For attraction in the life of good luck and wealth it is the, possible most to apply some ways offered us drevne-by east doctrine. It is necessary to know that definition “wealth“ in the doctrine the Fan - Shui bears more volume sense, than that which we usually put in this word. Ancient China meant by wealth not only material power of people, but also intellectual, spiritual, cultural, communicative and to that the similar qualities having value in their life. Despite it in this article we focus attention to attraction in life only of material, financial well-being.

We will begin with the fact that we will line the plan of the room on which we will work, in scale and at the help of a compass we define how your house, the apartment or office relatively to parts of the world is located. Than the drawing larger and more detailed especially conveniently to work with it. Our main attention will be paid to Hugo - east sector because he is responsible for material welfare being in this room.

In an interior of this sector all shades green and blue have to prevail. It is desirable to want to make wooden furniture and the main thing so that in this place there was as much as possible natural and natural - for example, fresh flowers, houseplants, pictures with flowers, the wood, a meadow, trees, bushes, parks, etc. here. Pay attention to what there should not be a place here, is an image of the desert, deprived vegetation of the district. All images of a mill exert impact on fund raising to the house. Much more the electric home fountains which appeared now in huge assortment have big effect. Home fountains effectively work regardless of the form and the size, but at the choice it is necessary to consider one more important criterion - the internal feelings. It is necessary to get the fountainlet which is associated at you with a source - in that case it will surely turn at you into a source of the income. If you cannot buy the real fountain, get a similar poster or a picture. However the main thing not to be overzealous: a large amount of water will quicker do much harm, than will help. Let`s say for example, you will hang up on a wall a picture with Niagara Falls or “Highest wave“ of a hand of Ayvazovsky, quite possibly lose also what is available for you from - for violences of elements.

Can be not less influential method of attraction of wealth placed in Hugo - east sector an aquarium. Only it is simple to place it in the necessary place is not all at all: it is necessary to consider a number of factors. If not to consider them, the result can become opposite expected. The first, the size of an aquarium is obliged to be proportional to the room size, to fit harmoniously into its interior. Very big aquarium will bring not so much the income how many serious problems. The second, its inhabitants need to provide due leaving. The small fishes offended by your inattention can force good luck to turn away from you. The fate will not favor to those who render it to symbols, especially live, neglect and not attention. If you assume that you will not be able to find for an aquarium necessary time and attention, it is desirable to refuse its purchase. And, the last, it is necessary to select small fishes very carefully. You of course remember that in fairy tales the hair dryer - the shuyzhelaniye is carried out by a goldfish. Buy small fishes who will be gold for you, and it is possible to make it, only considering own feelings. Buy only those small fishes to whom you take a liking. Concerning material of which the aquarium is made the best option - glass and a tree, however on this factor is not available rigid restrictions.

Figures or images of small fishes can be replacement of the real aquarium. It is a lot of cases when people received excellent results, having just drawn an aquarium together with its inhabitants and having placed the usual picture in the designated place.

Rather popular symbol of wealth in the Hair dryer - Shui is monetary trees, or monkey trees, love trees. We speak about plants which have thick, fleshy leaves, among them the succulents sold in usual flower shops have big popularity. Their presence at Hugo - east part of the house or the room helps with attraction of material welfare. It is also necessary to consider that if at this place there are plants having sharp leaves or moreover - prickles, then it will perhaps turn back for you situations on which it is possible to comment as: “Also there is a wish, and it is pricked“. It is not sure that you want to endure such situations, but the last decision is made by you.

Several notes of foreign currency (dollars, euro, others is as will wish) placed in Hugo - east zone of the house or room will render enormous advantage. The face value of money is not basic here. Know that money is attracted by money, it means that they always have to be present at the house. Since very old times people, having lodged in the new house, on corners it was displayed by coins. This tradition can be very useful and in modern conditions, especially - to arrange money in different corners of the apartment and to these to attract wealth, there is no need at all where - or to move.

Now with Hugo`s arrangement - east sector the situation more or less cleared up, however not only it one influences improvement of material well-being. Enormous impact is exerted by “control“ of a hall. If it at you uncomfortable, dark, slovenly, causes desire quickly it to leave, then the same discomfort will be felt by the money coming to you to the house. At some, not really fine moment they for ever will forget to you the road. To clear away them a way, it is necessary to exempt a hall from not the necessary things. Make there cases in which the street footwear and outerwear has to be stored. It is necessary that in a hall always was purely and very light-; do not feel sorry for bulbs. To help to attract money, place under a rug three coins so that the eagle was above. money

the situation at which on a wall opposite to an entrance door the mirror is placed is not admissible. Being reflected in it, positive energy at once leaves your house, without having managed to saturate with itself the dwelling. Now esoteric benches offer mirrors with symbolical hieroglyphs and trigramma. Purpose of these objects - destruction of negative influence. They can be very powerful tool and are capable to do enormous harm if was not able to use it or without understanding as it needs to be done. To attract material welfare to the house, it is necessary to hang out in a hall (it is desirable opposite to a door or is closer to it) its symbols in the form of photos, pictures, figurines, etc. It can be images of abundance of fruit, fish, the beautiful rich house, money, expensive jewelry - options is a lot of, however consider one one not unimportant moment. You need to choose symbols which fit into traditions of the cultural environment in which you live. The symbolics of foreign cultures applied thoughtlessly and thoughtlessly will not bring wealth and abundance, and it is more probable, on the contrary.

the Practical advice in the solution of material problems.

It is obligatory that all water taps were in your dwelling in working order. In a case when from them all the time drips water, as a result it will wash away your prosperity. the piece of seaweed or the dried-up moss located under a door rug helps to Attract with

money. Find

in the drawing room or in Hugo`s office - the East and place a monetary tree there. Hugo`s

- the western part has to be lit with a lamp with the lamp shade of the red color representing wealth and passion.

In the sector influencing material welfare cannot be placed a recycle bin.

Find northern sector in the house and place an animal figure, bringing money into the house there, - turtles.

you do not grow up in the house cactuses and similar plants with needles because sharp prickles - a source of negative energy.

your dwelling needs to be aired regularly, despite weather and a season. Thanks to Qi who got into the house with streams of fresh air energy has an opportunity to circulate on it more freely.

I summarize all aforesaid we will note that the correct control of the dwelling for wealth cannot be panacea. Money is attracted to those people who respect them, appreciates, knows them the account and can accept them in the life. The control made on Feng Shui accelerates process of enrichment of the person if that also makes certain efforts to become financially free. And to people who do not want or are lazy something to do for finding of own wellbeing, very long it is necessary to expect “miracle“. It is also important to know and mean that wealth, the luck in this sphere is capable sometimes it will be shown in the most unexpected way, from different sources. It means only one it is always necessary to be open for this world.