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Whether it is possible to remain the man at work? Layf - coaching of

Late evening. Parking of shopping center. I diligent kick not shifted cart. Behind gustoposazhenny striped columns I am waited by the taxi driver in the very expensive, smart car. His face does not foretell anything good. Perhaps, he waits for me longer, than it is necessary, or … it is not enough still what.

“Dragged, the bitch“, - read I on his face, even without peering.

The cart rested against columns. To the car still far. The taxi driver leaves and defiantly opens a luggage carrier.

“Hard. I will not inform“ - I say.

“And what, to load?!“ - it. Indignation mix with contempt.

“Here bags on 15 kg. It is necessary to approach closer“, - I. Neutrally, as soon as it turns out.

Bach, bang, door cotton, abrupt turn! The luggage carrier practically rested against columns.

Then opens a luggage carrier and turns away.

Well, well, I somehow loaded these bags in the cart, somehow put them on a tape on cash desk. Eventually, to draw them in a luggage carrier precisely in my forces. Pulled the socks up. The fat is in the fire. I in the car.

Really fine, expensive car. Leather salon. I with pleasure close eyes on a back seat. And what soft course! Practically “the lying police officers“ are not felt.

“And all - it the swine!“ - my internal voice is not appeased. Now I as will tell it so very quietly, by the way, that to tipat it - that long will be.

He is typical “mobster“, taksut by expensive car, probably, not really - that is pleasant to it this occupation. All car in frills, fingers in gold. Worries about humiliation of advantage …

was Promised, probably, by time it the taxi driver, to nobody nothing it loads, even to aunts bags on 15 kg.

But it is difficult, on the course, this word is pledged to it. Pledge at least 100 words to yourself, but if they contradict norms of morals and education, then it is heavy to carry out own precepts.

Good to see, the guy as worries. And a door clapped, and in my party does not look. It is a shame to the poor fellow.

It is necessary to help it. To support . I am not just an aunt with bags, and “spiritually advanced personality“, and it obliges even if the guy also does not suspect about mine to “the high, clarified soul“.

“The car so softly goes. It is simply amazing. At all the road is not felt“, - I say tone of the expert from the automobile market. So, by the way, as though till this second we lovely talked.

10 seconds of the gone nuts confusion, then just a nod in a rear-view mirror, type: “Ugu“.

Minutes through the 10th silences. It: “Sometimes it seems to me that it even too soft …“ These

of 10 minutes it were necessary for the guy to digest thought: “It what, really praised my car? In all seriousness, without having pinned up? And words about bags?“

we told All remained road to the house about cars, laughed at the fact that I can distinguish cars only on color, and I recognize our family only by a tag on a parpriza.

It turned out that we live in the neighboring houses and we have one problems with access roads and “taiga“ midges.

“And what at you in bags? Coal on shish kebabs? there is no“

“. A cat`s filler“, - I smile.

“It that at you for a cat? How many he eats?“ - the guy laughed.

To meet us there was my family in full strength.

On my cheerful request to wait “tovarischy“ which will go down now, having seen the husband and children, the taxi driver answered: “Same not “tovarisch“ is the whole crew! “

Climbing steps, I caught on myself his thoughtful eye with the stiffened smile on lips.

Something prompts to me that precepts will be reconsidered . And permission to be a person and the man even at work will be received.