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And I can she is pregnant?

Each girl ask a question sooner or later - “And I can she is pregnant?“. And at such moment there is a strong wish to understand at once, and whether so it actually. Once and in my life there was such situation, and I studied the Internet in search of the answer to the question. And today I decided to unite all knowledge gained by me in one article that having read it it was possible to calm down and not to spend time for searches of other information.

Everything is extremely clear if you have a delay several days, and nausea torments in the mornings. Still it is possible to attach excessive drowsiness and fast fatigue to these strong indications of pregnancy during the day, intolerance of some smells to which earlier you were indifferent, well and, of course, increase in a breast and pain in it. Also it is worth paying attention to emergence of “brutal“ appetite and frequent desires to an urination.

It would seem, everything is extremely simple: delay plus couple of the listed signs, and it is already difficult to doubt the come pregnancy. But, similar symptoms can be absent. What to do in such cases? I know several methods capable to dispel doubts though It should be noted that from 100% confidence only the doctor can make the diagnosis.

A method first after a delay of periods can take Next day

temperature in a rectum. Such measurements should be taken at once after awakening, without getting up. For this purpose in advance prepare the ordinary thermometer which needs to be entered for the muscle squeezing an opening of back pass on 2 cm. Minutes via 5 - 7 thermometer it is taken, and its indications register. By the way, before this procedure your night dream has to be more than 6 hours. Such measurements are taken every day within a week. Most likely, you is pregnant if indications of the thermometer daily were higher than 37 degrees.

A method second

If your delay to last more than 3 days, then it is possible to use safely the usual test for pregnancy which is on sale in drugstores. Such tests are quite exact and very simple in application. For reliability it is possible to buy different tests and to repeat research several times. Though tests have different price category and differ externally, all of them are based on chemical reaction to the hormone produced by a female organism at pregnancy approach which is allocated together with urine. It is known that after a dream concentration of hormone and products of its disintegration in an organism increases, therefore, the test should be carried out since morning, at the same time be convinced of a test expiration date.

A method third

If you are skeptical about all these pharmaceutical tests, then it is possible to make the test of urine in laboratory on identification of amount of hormone. The only minus of such analysis is that it to be carried out not in all hospitals.

A method fourth If you made by

the test and it positive, and temperature in a rectum is higher than 37 degrees, but at the same time you feel perfectly, then to dispel the last doubts it is worth addressing to hospital. On the term of 4 - 5 weeks any gynecologist with an accuracy will make you the diagnosis. It is in addition possible to pass also ultrasonography which will allow to confirm or disprove pregnancy.

If nevertheless you are pregnant, then I wish good luck and easy childbirth, and that who did not see treasured two stripes on the test - be not upset, soon and in your house the cheerful children`s laughter will be distributed.