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How to make sauerkraut and apples with advantage for health? Exclusive!!!

“Who does not know the recipe how to make sauerkraut and fermented apples?“ - each hostess will think. I will tell

A now an interesting method of ferment which to me was told by one my familiar vegetarian. This person is engaged in the health by different techniques and eats exclusively environmentally friendly and useful products. It is possible to call this recipe exclusive as it does not support any unhealthy the person of components. The method of fermentation occurs not at the expense of salt which collects on walls of vessels, and on the basis of biological fermentation. Taste of cabbage turns out not such, as at usual salting, and juicy (very pleasant). The cabbage prepared in such a way is useful not only to the people suffering zheludochno - intestinal diseases, but also to small children because it stabilizes kislotno - alkaline balance at the expense of useful bacteria.

This recipe: we Take

a white cabbage, we rub on a special grater and we add a little carrots predvavritelno of polished. A cabbage proportion to carrots - 5:1. Vyklydyvayem in a basin also we mix all, then we press hands. We fill up it in the prepared capacity, it is possible in a barrel, everything depends on volumes of the put raw materials. We stack cabbage layers, about 3 - 5 cm a layer, and between layers we lay down a celery. After the cabbage was laid in a barrel, from above it is possible to put apples (2 - 3 kg) and to close them a celery. Then to cover it around from a tree (oak) or the enameled cover and to put from above heavy freight (20 - 25 kg). It is the best of all to carry out process in the warm room at a temperature of +20 - 28C. In such conditions the cabbage will begin to let out juice earlier, than in the cold room and process of fermentation happens more intensively. If there will be a lot of juice, then freight can be reduced, but for a start it is necessary to put big freight. It is necessary to monitor process of fermentation and not to allow a product perekisaniye. Every day taste becomes sourer therefore you need to consider souring degree. Everyone vabirat itself the number of days of salting, on the taste.

Structure of components: 1. Cabbage


3 carrots. Celery

4. Apples (at will) of

In the conclusion I can advise to add also other greens: a parsnip, parsley, fennel, a sorrel and other spices as seasoning, but in small amounts. Taste will change, and it is possible to receive original option. Try, experiment on health.

Bon appetit!!!