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Whether the stickle-back is edible? Walks across Kronstadt of

In our country are places which do not correspond to global feeling - everything falls to pieces. It is simple if you in St. Petersburg, it is not necessary to go to Kupchino or to make tests in the district clinic. It is necessary to wander the yards, to talk to Alexander Sergeich`s heroes on Kokushkiny Bridge. It is necessary to go on leave and to leave the continent. To Kotlin Island, for example. Only allow to remind that the Nikolay Kaplunov ferry transporting passengers and motor transport from Lomonosov - Oranienbaum, is laid up now, and a way one so far - by Neva - 1 motor ship, without transport. From our party it will be possible to reach Kronstadt from Bronki from the middle of October on the underwater tunnel closing ring road. We wait - the village

of Kronstadt it is necessary when there is a wish to change time, the attitude towards him and towards itself. Yes god with them, with plague forts and wild cries in the megaphone about excursions. Go for a walk and so that during a heat not to be exhausted to a state when the monument to Bellingshausen becomes swollen an iridescent spot. Let`s pass from Average harbor on Krasnaya Street and again, as well as every year, we will smile to mad petunias on the one and only balcony, and then we will admire on Sacredly - St. Nicholas Naval Cathedral - so far outside. Restoration is not finished yet, but, honestly I admit, - it is pleasant to me. I like light air silver of a dome and a light stone, and protective grids on walls only add ease to this building, our history, a special sea spiritual stata.

And now we will quietly turn left and we will go along Obvodny Canal on the avenue. We will take place only northern and western its parts, and believe, it will be quite enough to slow down wild pulses immemorial it “is necessary“ and “tomorrow will be late“. Well, not because tomorrow does not exist in the nature. Just because history of a granite bottom and walls of two hundred years, flat lines and residents of Kronstadt are absolutely another dimension, far from a spring ability of megalopolises and dedicated lines. In old Kronstadt which as if outlines coal Obvodny Canal everything is much more silent, quieter and more benevolent. And only memory from walls, plates, signs, memory from books and booklets forces to be surprised to the number of the events which were taking place here.

We go the avenue along northern part of the canal and Sovetskaya Street, respectively, and we see the restored pig-iron lattices, we are a little lost from saturated brick tone - internal part of the canal are the ancient warehouse, economic constructions and structures belonging to the well-known Petrovsky dock constructed on the project Most and opened in 1752 - m to year. The severity and a zateryannost in the history confuses a little and forces to go even more slowly. Besides, babusk on shops at a monument to that Bellingshausen - it is necessary to go independently and obediently, and that then will gossip about my Nepalese sundress …

Here library. This majestic building for some reason reminds of stories of eyewitnesses of the beginning 19 - go centuries that against important objects and grandiose structures there are not enough simple and necessary streets and houses - infrastructures as we would tell today. However, the library building more modern (1926), but from that not less nostalgic - what is only stood by inscriptions - bas-reliefs “Knowledge force“ and “The book in masses“. Meanwhile wraps up masses with heat, poplar down and kroner of sticky lindens...

We on the well-known corner of northern and western part of Obvodny Canal - this look you for certain will see among sights of the city. Here - Gostiny dvor, to amusing similar on to what we got used in the city - only in a miniature. The Gostiny dvor was constructed by order of the careful tsar-father Nicholas I in 1835 - m to year, and ever since there it is possible to buy … well stripped vests, of course, will find. And still - and we will take away a krasnoukhy cherepashonk who waits when we behind it arrive, having thoroughly prepared. On the website of Gostiny dvor you will see the offer of the areas for rent for trade. Malls …

From the line along Karl Marx Street (along it we will also go, but in the opposite direction) looks through the temple, lamps and sedate citizens. Opposite to Gostiny dvor - the restored chapel of the Icon of the Tikhvin Mother of God, part of the dead in 1932 - m to year of a cathedral of Andrew the First-Called. Inside - a cool of white marble and three candles at an image of the Virgin. The fourth - ours. There is a stand with the documents and photos telling about cathedral history.

You do not need a dry pastel and paper yet? - it is time for me. The little shop “Orion“ is near, there it is possible to buy everything for what will not be transferred by lens figure. And - forward, along the western part of the canal. Unexpectedly among crowns one more is designated … Tree of desires. This tree was presented to Kronstadt in 2004 - m year to 300 - to the anniversary by civil engineering firm. Three sovushka on the Tree hold leaves with the inscriptions Success , Health and Love .

And here in the distance the Italian pond is already seen, so, we will meet the well-known Kronstadt zero, or the tide gage operating, if I may say so, from the middle 19 - go centuries - yes, it exactly here, at the beginning of Obvodny Canal, under Siny Bridge. The structure reminding a chapel once was wooden is the such well covered from eyes and a bad weather with the recorder - a mariograf which impartially notes water level of rather most important zero. And the copper plate - the line updated In 1913 the manager of a tool chamber of the Kronstadt port of Tonberg regularly serves the state Russian and not only - on this copper line space orbits reckon, on it measure depths and heights and equal maps.

And exactly here, at Siny Bridge, you need to get accustomed and see a monument in the form of two little small fishes with sharp thorns. A monument to the blockade stickle-back, a small fish not suitable for trade - 5 - 6 centimeters in size, with a sharp thorn on a back fin and two same - instead of branchiate fins. The small fish was scandalous and pugnacious, now she at Kotlin Island is not found any more. But during war, during the most terrible blockade for history of our people, it saved lives. She rescued 72 - the summer woman who tries not to begin to cry when she tells me about how to it, 12 - the summer girl, from stickle-back mother cooked cutlets. About a huge solityor which lived in it and then left - the frightening sizes. About a smell of cod-liver oil which they, children of the Victory, refused to drink the put spoons because they just could not. And that now, still serving in military unit and without leaving for all the life Kronstadt anywhere, the grateful woman corrects guides: not to r a yushka, and to l a yushka, with an accent on “ž“.

It is time for us on the motor ship. In park, fellow citizens, we buy the ticket, not earlier than before half an hour before flight. We wait “for Neva - 1“ and we do a sketch - a haze, the ships and a beacon … And at home we pull dimensionless “a jersey - a stripped vest man`s for the Navy, a strip of blue color“, and so far it smells of new cotton, we remember polite and worthy history of the amazing country. The seas, tsars, mad dictatorship and infinitely intelligent attitude towards the concept Life. There, under the Andreevsky flag and a flag with an amusing copper and the crowned beacon - symbols of Kronstadt.

Still photos from walk...