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In a pursuit of a bribe of

Pursuit of a bribe.

What is a bribe? Knows probably everyone. And if does not know accurate definition to this legal concept, then likely how to be told by a simple language - knows and understands essence of these words.

Until recently I considered how probably and all simple people (which do not bribe owing to their situation) that the bribery at us prospers, and all population of our Ukraine to be divided into those who bribe also that which take them. The last are as a rule damned the last words and when on the TV give statistics of fight against bribery, all are horrified by these figures. “… And how many at us bribe takers????“, “… when all of them will be replaced ….“. There now we reached the most important. Who “sits down“ at bribes. Well the sentence is pronounced of course by court, but so to speak expose in deeds a number of special services. These are so-called “Bekhi“, i.e. GSBEP (former OBHSS), then Organized Crime Control Department and State Security Service of Ukraine. That`s all main fighters against this evil. But now the most important question and as they fight …. Judging by data from a TV screen and to various reports very well and soon, they will overcome this evil soon and all will cease to take bribes. But there is a question what they will do then? And for what to pay them the state salary? Here we also reached the most important. I this question was very much excited also by me as not strange very quickly received the answer to it from one capital head of an average link of one of the above-stated services. You trust? When will not overcome! Why????? Yes because in the Ministry of Internal Affairs there is a plan for bribes. Yes, yes! Plan! It is accurately finished that each of the staff of the above-stated services has to catch one (at least) bribe taker a year, and it is better than two. I.e. in the country at us about 30 thousand employees of GSBEP, approximately as much and other number of divisions. In total about 100 thousand people (but it is not less). You submit the plan of fight against bribery? 100 thousand a year, officials of various rank, at least, it is necessary to send to prison. Same whole city … … Less than this figure just is impossible. If for example the employee of GSBEP did not reveal a bribe, within a year, then to it declare reprimand, deprive of an award, apply various other punishments, but if also for the second year … … the result deplorable for the employee did not reveal that. Did not implement two summer plan, so does not work, and it is necessary to drive out. And what to do if at such rate of fight against bribery, officials and the truth will cease to take. What then to do? Answer simple and awful: “It is necessary that took“. And if nevertheless do not take? “You mean not the employee any more“. And what then to report to the high militia administration? Here also it turns out that bribes throw, “put“, and then officially withdraw and report that all a pier, the plan is implemented. And who gets, under such fight? Well of course those for whom there is nobody to intercede. Is there is also an informal instruction, as well as the informal plan in the Ministry of Internal Affairs whom “to take“ for a bribe and who is not present. Probably, who needs to explain whom it is impossible “to take“. So in what country we live? We speak about Stalin repressions and we recognize that it was bad and so should not be any more, and these are not repressions when plans on sendings people to prisons are finished. It in what country of the world the police hands over reports that so many bribe takers are caught - the plan is implemented, caught so much drunk driving, the plan is implemented. So can Stalin`s repressions, are actual also in present time …. After my conversation I understood one that it is not necessary to be angry with the ordinary staff of various services, they it appears there is nothing …. At them it is simple to eat the plan which was finished with above. And as to take offense at them. If the turner has to turn 10 details and it is his plan, precisely and the employee of GSBEP or the Organized Crime Control Department, has to catch the bribe taker is his plan, but the turner can tell that it had no metal and it did not turn a detail, the employee above-stated so will not tell service as there are enough people in our country …. there is no shortage in material and it is not necessary to be honest at all and not to take bribes, it is simple to eat the plan and you stand in a queue and wait when the turn reaches you. So when plans for bribes will be cancelled??? Likely when. Also the pursuit of a bribe continues, and big officials in shoulder straps will disclose further quantity of the revealed bribes in our country. They work - fight, and the ordinary employee is ready already in to throw a bribe to the acquaintance or it is even worse to the relative to remain at work because not in will throw, can dismiss and then it is necessary to wait that can in throw already and to him.

Here immemorial pursuit of a bribe. So who more need this bribe ….