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How to win fight against parasites and to make the house the fortress?

my house are my fortress. And it is valid whether our dwelling to which we come back daily after day of work where we spend free time where our children, that shelter which is capable to secure us against everything, including against bacteria, fungi, viruses, parasites grow and learn the world is?

Since the birth of people faces great variety of microscopic wreckers. They live everywhere: in water, the soil, are capable to move in air, to be on a skin surface, to inhabit house dust. Many microorganisms cause colds, inflammatory respiratory diseases, mucous membranes, parasites are carriers of a number of serious and dangerous diseases that are especially dangerous at early children`s age: tick-borne encephalitis, sypny typhus, itch, bronchial asthma, sharp intestinal infections, toxoplasmosis.

Enormous army pathogenic microorganisms and parasites attack us everywhere, even in those places where it seems to us that their quantity had to be minimized - our house, we very much try to keep purity and order. Ponder upon these figures: in a year in the standard three-room apartment 40 kg of dust are formed on average, and 100 domestic dust ticks are the share of each gram of dust. According to WHO data from 51 million people who are annually dying in the world, more than at a cause of death infectious and parasitic diseases while from warmly - vascular diseases 9,7 million people perish on average are of 16 million.

Having healthy immunity, our organism finds forces to be protected from this armada and to reflect blow. However the young and growing organism has no sufficient forces for resistance (children`s immunity only begins to be formed), our children get sick for absolutely unclear sometimes reasons for us. The reason of many troubles often is absolutely banal - non-compliance with rules of hygiene on care of the dwelling.

What it is necessary to know also what needs to be undertaken to secure itself and the family against undesirable influence of causative agents of diseases? To what stages on cleaning of premises it is necessary to pay attention?

Begin with airing! Air premises daily within 10 - 15 minutes. It is preventive action in fight against the pathogenic viruses causing infections that indulge vozdushno - a drop way.

will not prevent to contain houseplants in the house that oxygenate air, and such plant as a spathiphyllum, will in addition purify air of your kitchen of combustion products.

For house comfort and a cosiness temperature indoors has to make in summertime 18 - 20 degrees, and during the winter periods - 20 - 22 degrees. Relative humidity of air should not exceed 30 - 60%. Therefore it is not recommended to make washing and drying of linen in the places which are not intended for these procedures that in turn can lead to emergence of the dampness which is especially negatively influencing an organism of children and people of advanced age. Clothes need to be washed in a bathroom, and to make drying on a balcony.

Change bed linen weekly because on its surface the exfoliated epithelium, hair accumulates. It represents a fertile field for reproduction of clothes pincers, they - that also are the main source of developing of allergies that is very often aggravated with bronchial asthma.

Most of all dust accumulates on a back wall of the refrigerator, batteries, window sills and under them. Cleaning should be begun with these places by means of the humidified rag and a broom.

Fight against dust as often as possible, by means of damp cleaning. It is good to have the vacuum cleaner in an arsenal, and it is even better if it has the water filter which does not allow dust to extend in air.

When cleaning do not disregard such objects of daily use as the panel and a mouse of the computer. At frequent use they can have pathogenic microorganisms on the surface. It is desirable to process these objects as often as possible antiseptic napkins.

pay Special attention to mopping process. The floors need to be washed 1 - 2 time a week. After cleaning do not display a damp rag at all on a threshold of an entrance door because the floorcloth is a nursery of microorganisms of which you try to get rid. Displaying it on a threshold - you ruin all the hours-long work on cleaning of premises. The floorcloth has to be outside rooms where you are.

should begin Cleaning of kitchen with a clutter position. From everything that is not located in lockers of kitchen furniture, it is necessary to get rid. Excessive capacities, not used ware, kitchen accessories can be an additional source of a congestion of dust, bacteria and fungi.

in kitchen should pay Special attention to sponges which wipe surfaces. A scouring sponge and kitchen surfaces have to be separate. Do not leave a sponge soap and wet after cleaning. Moisture is the fine environment for reproduction of fungi and various bacteria. It is desirable to change sponges which you use monthly.

Chopping boards for vegetables and meat products have to be separate too, in order to avoid infection of vegetable food with parasites who can be in meat products, but perish at long heat treatment.

do not leave food and dirty ware for the night, the remains of food can become the emergence reason in the house of cockroaches, ants, flies.

at once delete Products which expiration date expired from the refrigerator in a specially allotted bucket. The bucket of times a week is processed by disinfection solution.

should defreeze the Refrigerator once a month. At the same time it is washed with soap solution which is carefully washed away, and the refrigerator is dried up.

In a bathroom should pay special attention to a soap tray. Do not allow a water congestion in it because the damp environment promotes reproduction of pathogenic organisms which can get on a surface of hands at their washing. The damp become limp soap will be a source to an infection, but not disinfectings.

One more subject of a bathroom which constitutes danger - a nozzle for a shower. Before acceptance of a shower surely pass water through a nozzle to wash away microorganisms which accumulate on its surface thereby you prevent developing of such disease as leyshmanioz, shown the symptoms reminding pneumonia on the picture.

Toothbrushes demand replacement monthly, and at diseases of family members the toothbrush of the recovery which ached later has to be without fail replaced with new.

When cleaning a toilet use disinfection detergents with the content of chlorine.

If you follow these simple rules, your house will become rather reliable fortress that guards your health and health of your family.