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Memory. What secret of its development?

Memory are a property of a human brain without which it is difficult to imagine human life. All of us are born with the opportunity put in us to remember various events.

But people also meet an infallible memory. They remember a huge number of information and can reproduce it very quickly. In rare instances it is natural gift, and in most cases - result of a certain training and purposeful development of memory.

The person possessing good memory has a number of advantages. Good memory allows:

it is better for span to study and, studying something new, to deepen and increase the knowledge;

it is more effective to span to work, operate with large volume of information;

to develop new ideas and strategies quicker;

to keep knowledge most fully and to have an opportunity to quickly use them at discretion;

saving information on all meetings, actions and important events, to have an opportunity to use it at any time;

it is better for span to remember persons and names of people with whom you deal (and it in any professional area is important skill);

at performance before audience not to panic.

Advantages of good memory are obvious and what you will find more time for it, especially she will serve powerful advantage to you in the future. For its effective development it is worth conforming to the simple rules, it is not so difficult process.

of the Rule of good memory

It is proved that the person helps strengthening and development of own memory, eating properly. Eat products which contain vitamins of group B (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, B12). They it is more, than any other, make positive impact on properties of your memory. Eat porridge, buckwheat, a pshenka, bean cultures, nuts, fowl, dairy products … Eat

at least two times a week fat fish, cod-liver oil the Omega - 3 contains, the component in the best way influencing memory in particular and for work of all brain in general. The most important - to balance the food and to remember that some vitamins do not love thermal treatment. Therefore eat crude cabbage, peas, carrots and pumpkin more often.

read various literature More, try to capture a wide range of fields of knowledge. Learn foreign languages.

Play the developing games stimulating work of your memory (for example, checkers and chess), solve crossword puzzles … and through certain time you will feel that you began to think quicker.

Physical activities promote increase in a blood-groove in a brain and its activities promote. Therefore charging, various exercises, occupation by different types of sport will hold yours in remembrance for many years.

write More: compose various texts, make projects, keep the diary or the blog, it strengthens thoughts and also promotes development of your memory.

you spend in the fresh air more time, it oxygenates blood and provides working capacity and activity of a brain.

Refuse addictions, such as smoking and alcohol. On all organism in general you for certain know about their harm. If you want to keep flexibility of the mind - lead a healthy lifestyle!

I hope, these simple ways of development of memory will help you, and you will cease to complain of forgetfulness and inability at the right time to remember information necessary for you.