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Handed over session at institute? We prepare to following already now!

Now I am a student of the second year, passed to the third. As well as to all students, me not by hearsay familiarly terribly disturbing state in the period of test and examinations at university. Therefore it would be desirable to share with people some secrets of successful delivery of session without bribes.

With what it is necessary to begin? First of all, from a spirit. If you want to be released a bit earlier, and especially not to repeat discipline, it is worth preparing itself for hard hard work from the very beginning of academic year, a semester.

It is suitable more for students who can attend all classes or, at least, their most part during a semester. For the working students or those which for various reasons skipped classes in this plan it will be more difficult.

1. we Will begin with those objects in which there will be offsets. Much it seems that it is simpler to pass a test, than to pass examination. Not always. It depends on requirements of teachers. For example, one teacher can demand the solution of several tens tasks during a semester, and another will be limited only to formal presence of students at lectures. Therefore it is worth learning beforehand that from us is wanted by teachers, - it is desirable on the first occupations.

Usually they encourage work of students at seminars. But not all get this opportunity to act, prove. Let`s tell, students in the budgetary and paid group more than 40. Automatically - to make a way to receiving offset the report at least once. That for reports only 5-10. Therefore at such competition that is called “who the first got up, that and slippers“.

Be not afraid to participate actively in scientific work, safely sort subjects for performances, prove. If were not in time, ask the teacher what else additional tasks can be performed during a semester. But be not persuasive. If you do not want or are afraid to make it, it is necessary to sweat fairly during session. It is checked on itself and almost on all students of our group.

2. With examinations business will be more difficult. But work at seminars, of course, plays a large role and here. However still a set of hard intermediate control and laboratory works are added. Teachers can demand their ideal protection, otherwise will ask additional questions at examination or just will not put the automatic machine. If the student copes, then with receiving examination problems will not be automatic machine.

3. If it did not help … Let`s assume, you were not lucky. The teacher does not put automatic machines or you cannot pass examination or pass a test ahead of schedule. Calm down. Reserve time, at least, a month. You learn every day on slightly - slightly. So you will have time for repetition of material and you will be able not to panic.

4. you did not manage to plan time, and remained to time very little. As we know, to implement point 3 very difficult. All - we are living people. All sometimes need to have a rest, good time, to communicate to friends … It seems, you will tell yourself to learn today 3 tickets, for example, - and you will not execute. Consider this lesson on the future - it is worth learning to plan competently the time allowed for work and for rest, it will be necessary in further life.

Not all is lost. Try to deceive the consciousness. For example, I did as follows. I wrote lectures to the block. Let`s assume, learning them, saw that sheets which still it is necessary to learn, very much, and sheets which already learned - next to nothing. Then I took out part of sheets which did not learn yet, and postponed them where - nibud not to see. It calmed a little. Then, having finished learning up to the end material from those sheets that left in the block, I took several postponed sheets (but not all!) put them in the block again and learned. And so did until learned all lectures.

5. Remember, panic prevents you to think and remember material! If you feel that emotions read off scale, better so far postpone books where far away. Make warm-up, walk. Eat something tasty. Believe in yourself, in the forces. Human opportunities are very big. You speak to yourself: “I will be able! I will cope!“ also forget about such thoughts as: “Everything is over … It cannot be learned …“ Eventually, not you the first and not you the last learn this material.

If did not manage to learn something, write cribs. It will calm nerves, besides you will not bad acquire information when you write them. But do not hurry to use the work at examination! If you know though something on this subject, write at first what you know. If nevertheless you consider it necessary to spot in a spur, you should not consider feverishly a subject of this question or the ticket. It is so possible to forget also what knew. Just rewrite also all. You had enough also of nervousness from that, as if the teacher did not notice that you write off.

6. And finally would like to tell that your friends and the family can support perfectly you psychologically. Get their support - and safely in fight! Break a leg! Good luck to you during session!