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Social networks: plus, minus, all the same?

Social networks densely entered our life: we hurry to share with friends the latest news through the statuses, to post new photos or just to communicate.

The most known of them in Russia are “VKontakte“, “Schoolmates“ and international “Facebook“, and the groups of users are characteristic of each of networks.

If “VKontakte“ is popular more among children and youth, but recently actively develops also among other age groups, then the “Schoolmates“ who once were in the lead among adult audience considerably give in. “Facebook“ is used most often to communicate with friends from other countries.


with What can explain to

all the increasing popularity of social networks? First of all, of course, this boundless communication. It is possible to talk to friends from all globe, without leaving the house, the Internet - a traffic limits only cost. It is already difficult to present how to keep in touch with many acquaintances without the aid of social networks, and well built relationship with people always helps both with life, and with work.

It is impossible to imagine social networks and without additional functions, such as groups, news, a possibility of addition of a photo - video - and audiomaterials, the notification about birthdays of friends, numerous appendices and many others.

Thanks to the growing popularity social networks became the real trend. To be their user simply - naprosto it is fashionable - networks allow participants to stay in the know of the events always. Think how many news we receive from them! Someone married, divorced, gave birth to the child, was hospitalized, went to have a rest … it is necessary to be “in a subject“.

Thanks to social networks of people feels part of public group, not obliged to make at the same time for this purpose some efforts. Of course, often it is only visibility, and the user with several hundred virtual friends can be in real life absolutely lonely and nothing, except the computer, to see … But already nobody for certain knows it.


However are behind appeal of social networks some dangers about which it is necessary to know. The most important lack of social networks - the publication in free access of personal information on the person. The majority of networks collect much more data, than actually it is required for registration.

It seems to the user that he decides that to tell about himself and that he is not present … But you will not leave empty photo albums. And how not to fill interests? Besides the user cannot trace whether still someone posted the photo with him …

So if to try, through social networks it is possible to learn about the person practically everything. Data on, when with whom and how many he communicates, can be more important, than the content of this talk. By means of the programs recognizing the person by the photo and allowing to find all materials in the Global network connected with him we can learn about the person much more, than he wants to tell about himself. For an example I will tell that in the USA social networks are regularly used by police for information search.

Everything that we spread in social networks, remains there forever. Our comments and marks in photos remain even after removal of the account, and often even this account cannot be removed! Search engines also save all information in a cache at indexation so to be sure that all undesirable materials are removed it is impossible.

Advertizing - the separate factor speaking against social networks. Business even not that banners and spam irritate: there were new ways to advance goods. Special people are registered in groups and communities, gain authority there and gradually advance the ideas among members of these groups. Depends on these people whether the new brand will become popular among masses. By the same principle social networks are used for promotion among youth, for example, of right extremist ideas.

And, of course, attempts of breaking of profiles on social networks constitute danger. There are several types of breakings, but so-called Backstabbing and Speer - Phishing are the most widespread. In the first case the compromising information on the person, for example photos or videos, give all the best in free access that can lead to serious consequences.

For example, in 2007 in the USA the thirteen-year-old girl after such breaking committed suicide. And at Speer - Phishing of the user entice on the special websites (with addresses, similar to the social network address, or the offering some services) that with their help to receive passwords of this user.

I do not want to condemn or propagandize social networks, to be registered on them or not is a personal choice of everyone. But it seems to me that we have to know about their features and dangers that whenever possible to avoid them.