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Already many firms in our country widely use computers in the activity. However the equipment can fail. Therefore owners of the companies have to take care of search of the expert who will adjust and repair computers beforehand.

New technologies are integrated into modern business quicker and quicker. At the moment practically any company uses modern integration developments. It is extremely favorable.

In the majority of the modern companies think of that sooner or later, to properly carry out necessary works, installation of networks and how in the best way to use an automation equipment.

The number of the places equipped with computers increases in the majority of the companies. Therefore questions of their service, and also of administration, are rather actual. Unfortunately, the computer equipment of the most different types is not ideal therefore in work with it sometimes there are problems and breakages. Also for work with it it is necessary to be aware of some nuances. And in scales of major company these problems already begin to be of quite great importance.

Also it is worth mentioning need of carrying out such actions as purchase of the equipment, assembly of computers, service repair and so forth. Moreover, the computer equipment constantly demands carrying out an upgrade. It is simple to guess that not any employee is capable to understand as it is correct to choose and install the necessary purchase in the system unit. Therefore many companies are preferred for the solution of all these problems to address services of subscriber services of computers.

The companies which use the computer equipment differ on the volume and structure. In the small organizations (to five units of the computer equipment) most often any employee having, besides, and other duties is engaged in service of computers. In the companies where no more than twenty computers, computer service is carried out by efforts of one person - sometimes temporarily coming. Firms where the number of the computers used in work exceeds twenty pieces, usually have in a staff of the expert or in the structure department which professionally deals with all problems which can be connected with the computer equipment.

The question of whether someone has to be engaged in service of computers, does not cost attention. However other question is actual practically in any firm. That it is more favorable and more convenient: to involve the specialist in subscriber services or to create established personnel post?

Certainly, the final cost of services, and also professionalism of the worker will appear the main aspects taken into account. But the final decision will depend on many additional factors.