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How to teach the child to express the thoughts?

to Force the child to think, correctly it is impossible to formulate the thoughts and to put them into words. The brain develops, only solving the tasks set for it, beating life situations. We can set an example, talking to the child difficult, to use of a large number of words, in passing explaining their value. To select to it books and movies, to surround with interesting things. Also we can throw tasks, also without forcing them to solve, and giving it a game shape, actively participating, carrying away the child to the interesting world of words and thought. Also wanted to offer several such games to you today. Find


Game on attentiveness, logic and abstract thinking. Any two subjects undertake and in turn their common features are called. For a start it is possible to take relatives in parameters, for example, a lemon and banana (both fruit, are edible, yellow color etc.) and then to pass to more difficult options which do not have anything, at first sight, the general. For example, candy and mug. They were made by the person, both are connected with food, the surface is coated, names begin and come to an end on identical letters, etc. Tell

in other words

Russian is very rich and it is possible to express the same thought differently. Simple options the first come to mind, but each new option is usually more difficult previous.

- I want to eat.

- Tell in other words.

- When we will eat?

- And still as is possible? there is no

- the Sir when you deign to invite us to a table, and that forces any more? - Give

in a different way.

- Usually at this time we have supper. I do not see sense to break this tradition.

we Invent a story

cards with any pictures will be necessary For this game. We overturn cards the image down and we mix as dominoes. In turn we take the picture and we think out the offer which is logically connected with previous. The offer has to be difficult on a structure and at the same time easily visualized. For example, cards with a bench, a crow, the girl and a cloud in a row dropped out:

“In one overgrown park there was away from the central paths an old wooden bench. For a long time nobody sat on it, and only the crow living on a mighty linden in the neighbourhood occasionally flew by by. One night the little scared girl came into this corner of park. As soon as she sat down on a bench, from - for crowns the terrible black cloud appeared...“

Think up the offer

we Take several words and phrases and we try to use them in one offer. Words can be chosen, at random pointing a finger at any book on incidentally open page or thinking out them for each other.

We will assume, you chose “the wood, flock of birds, a silver birch, the boy“. It`s a go: “Flock of birds, shouting and attacking, banished the boy from the favourite silver birch standing on the fringe of the forest“. Or: “The boy sat, having leaned a back against a trunk of a silver birch, and observed how over the wood the flock of birds is turned“.

Add the poem

Think up for each other the first line or take from any famous children`s poem. I assure, you will be struck with the raged imagination.

“Hare was thrown by the hostess,

We caught the scoundrel.

Poured over all from a watering can

I pushed off from a bench“.

“Tore off to a bear a paw,

A sewed a copper rod. now his neighbors

Terminator call


Children - continuation us, there is also a wish that the child went further, was better, cleverer, more successful. Let and will be, to help it in it in our forces.