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The Internet - a bestiary: who such trolls?

the Troll - not only the fairy tale character, and trolling - not only fishing.

Modern dictionaries treat trolling (from English trolling) as “placement on the Internet (at forums, in discussions, in groups of news Usenet, in Wicky - projects, etc.) provocative messages with the purpose to cause a flame, the conflicts between participants, insults, war of changes, etc., that is commission of the actions which are taking away aside attention of participants or readers.

The troll, respectively, - the person which is engaged in this nasty business.

So who they are, these trolls? Within this article it makes sense to divide trolls into only two categories: trolls initiative and trolls on a salary.

the Troll initiative

Actually is the simple Internet - the hooligan pursuing some momentary aims. Fight against boredom, self-realization attempt, lowering of someone`s post or article for the purpose of drawing attention to the person and so on.

Motivations there can be a set, but, as a rule, the most widespread algorithm of their actions is “throwing of shit on the fan“. It is the most harmless and easily calculated type of trolls. Also easily localizable. Much more dangerously following look:

the Troll on a salary

Is one of instruments of the information war which is conducted now. Did not know that it goes? Well so know. Military operations are conducted everywhere, and it is possible to call the Internet the central front line safely. The main players - supranational educations, the states, various imperious elite and other, resisting as each other, and to “guerrilla groups“, at war with all of them.

The purpose of this war - to incline on the party is as much as possible people as they already are or will become consumers / electorates / flocks / taxpayers subsequently and so on. That is base of someone`s wellbeing.

From mass media all is simple - control is exercised via license tools, censorship, work with shots and an administrative resource. With the Internet everything is many times more difficult: it is impossible to press on the hoster who is outside the Russian Federation it is impossible to arrest quickly the server which is in the same place it is impossible to select a domain name out of zones. ru. su and. the Russian Federation, it is impossible to intimidate or arrest on far-fetched charge of the person whose location - that to establish it is problematic, it is impossible to disperse any virtual rubber bludgeon the people 500 who illegally gathered for discussion of any topic of the day on some forum.

And eventually the ancient thesis “to win against someone`s fight, it is necessary to head it“ nobody cancelled. Here the corresponding intelligence agencies and structures use the secret weapon - the troll.

This troll - already not just initiative “handsome man“, is already the monster who is setting before himself definite purposes and getting paid for it. He will not become personal any more, will not allow phrases like “hear the dude“, will not stick the IMHO where popadya.

He will be engaged very accurately and consistently in another: to litter and take away aside discussion from initial sense of article or the blog.

Tools which such intellectual troll uses:

Charge of the author of article or post of lie. For example, you write about crisis and discontent in RB. The troll of the Belarusian KGB will write from pervogoliyets: “… I live in Minsk and I can claim that everything, here described, - lie …“ Well and so on.

Requirement of proofs of obvious.

Statement under doubt of personal experience or qualification of the author. For example: “… And it the lawyer speaks? Yes even the first-year student of any collective-farm faculty of law knows that ….“ And everything, the subject left aside. Instead of communicating in essence, the author will be forced to prove or the experience in some question, or the professional suitability.

by means of a boat or several boats the organization of the parallel discussion which is taking away readers aside from initial thought, run-around. (It, in principle, it is advisable to bring on a separate page the Internet - a bestiary. In this context a boat - creation on the fictional person of one more or several accounts on the concrete website for participation in discussion something under the guise of several people of one person. The most effective instrument of creation the Internet - mass meetings.

Broad use of doctrines. For example, you write objective article about religion. The troll, most likely, will give something from a series “… The person - a being divine, constantly attacked by a devil and demons! Your lips not you speak any more because to accuse ROC (Vatican, Dalai Lama and so forth) in double-dealing only the devil and his servants can!!“.

Transition on the personality. But it is not so primitive as at the troll initiative - is accurater and accurater and more refined. For example: “… And from what you took it what you can and you have the right to speak competently on these subjects? …“ Or: “… You in what higher education institution studied? In RGU? I know it, rubbish there, but not teaching, and sessions are bought for a bottle …“ by

Constant cavils to formulations.

Constant requirement of proofs of each argument of article or post. For example: “… And from what you took what in 1937 more than 1000000 people were dispossessed? Wikipedia? Lies, precisely I know. And from what took what died during the same period 390000? Data of OGPU? Juggling …“

Vykhvatyvaniye of any phrase from a context and construction on its basis of a separate branch of discussion.

In its arsenal there are and still tools, but for understanding who it and that it, is enough above-mentioned. Then to find the troll rather easily. At least, even on ShZh personally I revealed a little.

For this purpose it is very useful to visit a personal page (account) of the suspect of trolling and to look that he wrote and published. If nothing is already disturbing call, but in itself insufficient.

Once you attentively revise his comments within the project in general, and already on this basis to draw conclusions. And at all not to follow of anybody the tastes!

Good luck in trolling - hunting!