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Where and how the student can have a rest?

Students - a wonderful time for adventures. And where how not on vacation to look for the sea of emotions, pleasant communication, new impressions?

The last examinations come to an end - and it is possible to go with quiet soul to a way. However even after recent increase of a grant it is too expensive for many students to count on full holiday - they are concerned by more vital issues, would be enough for livelihood.

Nevertheless, invariable sharpness and ability to adapt to any conditions helps the student and vacation to spend interesting and saturated. Therefore in anticipation of approach of long-awaited student`s vacation we will consider several options of youth rest.

of the Romantic at a fire

Is the most widespread type of leisure of students as for fine pastime outdoors the naughty noisy company (it is necessary - that usually is available much), shish kebabs (in the ratio one piece of meat on an alcohol bottle), a fire, tents, a guitar.

If you are fans of night hum of mosquitoes, rolling snore of the neighbor and native landscapes, then gather in a campaign! And it is unimportant where you will go in search of summer happiness - to the next wood or on far little-used tracks, the main thing - not to forget a stock of optimism, student`s cheerfulness and fervent mood.

Long live abroad!

In Soviet period only to the few minions of fortune managed to visit Europe, to admire the Eiffel Tower, the Brandenburg gate, dark waters of Rhine, medieval castles, to plunge into the European culture. Today we are not limited in the desires and we depend only on the opportunities.

Clear business, expensive foreign rounds, especially during a hot season, and the student`s budget - concepts hardly compatible. But youth gives us huge advantage - endurance of a body, flexibility of thinking and a fair stock of energy that allows to save on transportation costs, on payment of housing and an opportunity at any time to approve on itself a new diet.

So, it is possible to buy a bus tour “Gallop across Europe“: the bus - the cheapest type of transport. An exception - a self-locking device where from greater thrift and receiving adrenaline the lonely girl by all means in short has to go pass - a skirt.

are of Train tickets more expensive bus, but is cheaper than aviation. At the same time it is necessary to consider that in many airlines the discount for tickets of 50% for youth therefore it is not necessary to exclude for achievement of the vacation spot and air transport works.

As we see, there are many ways to reach the destination in proportion to your purse. Only it is desirable to choose a way, optimum, safe for health.

to Arrive arrived, and is farther what?

problems with housing frighten by

of Many students, and some naive persons assume that in the cozy old woman - Europe can spend the night quietly anywhere: and in park on a small bench, and on the pleasant lawn, and on the quiet very narrow small street. But everything is much simpler: two - three-stars hotels are in any city, and they, as a rule, quite on a pocket even to the Russian student. At the same time to reserve on the Internet the room very easily.

At desire to find cheaper option of accommodation I advise to find a shelter in student`s board or hostel where, besides a pure bed and a shower, you are waited by the good sincere company and excellent language practice.

There are actual also various hot rounds. Here just you collect suitcases and you wait for the favorable offer in the mode of tourist combat readiness. the Cross-cultural exchange

“Let`s me, please, waters drink

, and that wants to be eaten so that there is no place to spend the night!“ With such appeal students - tourists sometimes address passersby. And not indifferent do not pass by. Paradox, but in the Russian national fairy tales even in all respects the angry character the Baba-yaga of travelers fed - gave to drink, in a bath of soap moreover and a good advice in a parting word gave. Where logic? How to understand mysterious Russian soul?

This question is too difficult to give on it a definite answer therefore it is interesting to people to study features of life of Russians, there is a wish to experience color of their soul, to understand mental lines of the Russian people. And foreign tourists for establishment of cross-cultural communications with great pleasure come to live to our families, than domestic hotels. And then we go on a visit to them - mutually beneficial cooperation turns out: both to see the sights, and to increase language literacy, and to understand traditions.

My friends met foreigners (foreigners) on the Internet, few months corresponded, then sent the invitation, two weeks the invited guest lived at them in the apartment free of charge, it was driven along excursion routes, immersed in the Russian culture, and then went to a way to the new friend (girlfriend).

Promo tours

Is the most interesting and informative rounds which offer tour agencies. Here it is possible to test unusual adventures, will go to an exotic tour, to visit heart of Africa, to plunge into the rich world of the South American flora and fauna, to feel a mysterious charm of the East.

Promo tours are designed generally for workers of the tourist sphere, but sometimes take also simple tourists for writing of responses and reviews. Therefore it is necessary to watch for such very favorable at the price and surprising proposals of tour operators on contents. Believe, the game of manufacture costs. to

Not for school, and for life we study

to Followers of Lenin`s Testament “to study, to learn and to study once again“ it is useful to work on summer vacation at diversified and versatile student`s schools as in Russia, and abroad.

For example, at students of St. Petersburg the Scandinavian school in Finland where in two weeks of a highly topical program the multinational youth manages to become friends, acquire invaluable knowledge at unique seminars and lectures enjoys popularity, to visit local sights, to relax and have a rest in comfortable conditions in the fresh air.

Camp, camp - I miss

Let say that the good place camp will not be called, we for certain know that there is on light nothing better than camp romanticism. “If your dream to spend summer in the friendly atmosphere, to communicate to younger generation, to gain unforgettable impressions and indelible experience, to try in a pedagogical field for remuneration and free four times food, waits for you the children`s recreation camp “Salute“!“

Is valid, camp everyday life is remembered for a long time as they are unique. Well, where still to you will have the luck to catch almost round the clock from the lake and nearby bushes thirty imperceptible teenagers from Vepr group (with the motto: “Tanks of dirt are not afraid!“) to carry out a daily search in rooms of children in search of alcohol, cigarettes and condoms, to wake up on morning from a caustic smell of toothpaste on the face and not to have an opportunity to move because you were sewn to a bed?

Were inspired with idea to earn additionally, feel as the leader, to have a rest on a nature bosom? In case of an affirmative answer hurry up to issue to yourself the sanitary book, to respond to the announcement - and forward, to feats!

So, I offered you some of the most widespread types of youth rest. However you should not be limited only to them - it is always possible to become the volunteer, the volunteer and to spend summer with advantage not only for itself, but also other people.

For example to go to the village to help the grandmother with a kitchen garden or to lay a volunteer track on Baikal - a noble cause.

And as rest is first of all, change of a kind of activity, after intellectual overloads it is absolutely quite good to register also in construction crew. Or to think not only of carnal requirements, but also about sincere - to join pilgrimage tour.

Whichever there was your choice, remember: as you will plan vacation, so and you will carry out them. Dreams come true at those who, in - the first, have them, in - the second, at those who work on their implementation.