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Sagra`s inhabitants are heroes or criminals? To award it is impossible to put

we Will assume a situation. The person of not radical nationality trading in drugs settles in the small Caucasian aul. All appeals of locals to law enforcement agencies come to an end with nothing. Then they decide to move the drug dealer from the aul. But that addresses the “roof“ consisting only of persons of a Slavic nationality. Those on 15 jeeps move forward from the regional center towards the aul with the purpose to bring there the orders. Having freely passed 35 kilometers, on the road fire at the car with summer residents - gardeners and beat the little Dzhigit on a horse.

Locals, understanding that the help has no place to wait, arm with what got. On all aul only three smooth-bore guns. Also come to a mountain track to stop bandits … it is possible already and to be interrupted by

On this moment. The situation is absolutely absurd. Especially, as for lack of the weapon in the aul. There each adult man without “Kalashnikov“ and - that does not come to the street.

But similar occurred in the small Ural settlement of Sagra quite recently. The Russian men protected the village from superior forces of the opponent. And in the firefight lasting 40 minutes without some attention from law enforcement agencies attackers suffered losses, and rural men did not. Among attackers - one killed.

Attackers was several times more, but, it is visible, they did not expect that they will receive repulse, and dissipated on vicinities.

Result: rural men were dragged on interrogations. But then, under pressure of the public, released. Reported on the administration that dismantling started criminal forces in Sagra that divided whether a power-saw bench, whether women, or perhaps vodka is guilty of everything, but definitely not drugs in which nobody traded...

Fight at Sagre caused a wide public response. From the point of view of the law, rural men should not have used the weapon. From the point of view of normal logic - they protected the families from bandits.

Now all country looks and guesses: how the power will treat men? To put - will receive explosion of public discontent. To award - the people will begin to give the armed repulse to bandits and the police officers “protecting“ them.

To award it is impossible to put . Eternal Russian problem: in what place it is necessary to put a comma. And now will depend on this comma much in the relations of the power and the people.

But there is a wish to remember an old raid of terrorists on Recreation center on Dubrovka in Moscow in which there was a musical “North - OST“. That raid ended with death of bandits, death of part of hostages and rewarding of the security officers participating in operation.

The raid on Sagra essentially differs in nothing from Dubrovka. Ah, no. Differs. In Sagre there were no law enforcement agencies in general. Police officers not only that passed the armed column (to Dubrovka passed too), but did not arrive also during clash. And differently events near Sagra to call difficult. There was the real night fight.

The police came on the next morning to knit the men who protected the village. Came, there is no place further. What still to rename them into …

Simple Russian men by own efforts beat off attack of superior forces of the opponent. At least, the medals “For Courage“ they precisely deserved. Or all - the weapon was used illegally. How you consider?