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Russian is such difficult or How to comment that you were understood correctly?

it is necessary to Think of difficulty of Russian constantly: you speak or write, and it is necessary to think. Interlocutors can misunderstand you and to think of you it is unknown that.

For example, someone writes to comments two lines from a chastushka:

On the village we go,

to anybody we do not stick...

Usual words about the village , the truth? No, about us. We go on the village. And on what such village we go and to what it is told? And here to what. Before emergence of these lines already someone in comments reported: I live in the village, and I have a goat. In - about - from, it becomes clear now that we go on that village where earlier written goat owner lives. And differently to what there would be this line, about the village on which we go? Also it becomes already clear: - it is a lot of us , and we - such strong , we move slowly, poigryvay muscles to anybody so far we do not stick. Or not. We go, two such unfortunate creations, we are rather afraid of all and therefore we do not stick?. No! It is impossible. “We do not stick“ clearly lets know: we know the own worth , we know the opportunities , we know that we strong, but kind... so far . And what to do to the modest resident of the village? To prepare for protection or, maybe, even for attack because the hidden strength of the guys walking on the village is felt in words . Why guys? And whom else? What, little girls will speak so? Or the women who are eternally occupied with the affairs? As they say, without words clearly: on the village there are musclemen, children serious and not liking to joke.

What the goat owner does / writes to the answer? He, of course, not shy ten, got used to hope only for himself and is not going to give acquired, and therefore softly so, to without mat and spam , hints:

the neighbor Asked the axe,

was Thrown by me through a fence.

What you rattle, lovely the neighbor? Answer

, caught or is not present.

I then our children who did not get used to joke, in principle, sing a chastushka entirely:

On the village we go,

to anybody we do not stick,

All of us are chairmen,

Slide to such - swear at that.
Waited for

. What fought for, as they say, on that and ran. For what the chastushka was told? And everything is simple: that the unreasonable thrower of the axe understood : they are chairmen, they are is main in the village and who does not agree with such provision of business - that let is swept out by where far away , at the same time learns all truth about the closest relatives. Our villager will suffer it? And it has many options? And whether he will manage to count them? Will be in time - will be in time! During a stress of people a lot of things manage to count., in news reported: the Chinese woman, ran so far to hold up hands under the two-year-old child falling from the tenth floor, managed to take off shoes on heels and to make the decision not to use the opened umbrella. Caught the girl hands, received multiple heavy fractures, but rescued the baby .

Is clear that, there is a Chinese woman in that village, she would sing on the, on Chinese, without leaving from pentatonics:

Oh, my shoes,

of the Shoe varnish!

All children on the village


A at us a deal another. Everything is serious, not on - dezzk... any minute, mozzk will begin to take out.

I our the native answers , without caring for consequences at all: I Remember

, somehow to us to the village

Flew UFO. as about Pyana I will set

Ya scrap whether

Long to break the car?

I right there to it is molded the same end in the same place:

of Times walked an ugly face

You on off road terrain,

A the second time a mug

On a beztratuariya.

I not to lose face and to look as the polished buckle on a soldier`s belt, it is already unclear who, , from the village, or others , picks up:

the Uncle Vanya on an accordion,

On an accordion played.

Played in a prohibited zone -

was Shot on the spot.

I here any more not to jokes. All are brought, the situation is heated to a limit, nobody can think of Russian, and writes, writes and writes. And what? someone said that it is necessary to think? Why to us to think? We are chairmen! To Fleymit - to fleymit, burn so - to burn so! Here our slogan! We are the Sun!