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Monitoring systems of bartenders - will relieve of an incomplete filling? Literally couple of days ago learned

about application of high technologies in such conservative and old services sector as pubs. These technologies carry the name (branch, probably) monitoring systems of bartenders.

Are intended for the solution of quite specific objective - to get rid of theft of bartenders: an incomplete filling, dilution of drinks, etc. of

my first reaction was exclusively positive. Thoughts went approximately such. You opened bar, restaurant, a pub. You want to create the atmosphere of a holiday or on the contrary - silent “harbor“ where it is possible to have a rest after the working day. The design and the concept of an institution are thought over, competent advertizing is organized, the personnel are picked up and there are already first clients.

But suddenly - scandal! The visitor claims that his cocktail is diluted, or its taste differs from habitual. What to do in this case? How to check process and to be convinced that bartenders work honestly?

Now you have such opportunity! Moreover, thanks to production of the companies making control the equipment for bars, the possibility of deception is just excluded now.

Let`s say you have a usual bar in club where there are a lot of visitors and the fast speed of flood is necessary. In that case it is worth stopping on system with razlivochny gun . Thanks to it, it is possible to deliver to the container with alcohol to the certain room with limited access, and the gun can be programmed, thanks to existence of the digital keyboard, on flood of the most various drinks. It increases service speed three times!

Here such emotions gushed over me at the first acquaintance with monitoring systems of bartenders. But slightly pogodya, having come into favourite “pothouse“, reflected.

My constant beer restaurant has two rooms, and the hall for non-smoking is separated from a bar counter by a wall. That is non-smoking visitors in principle do not see as as they to them pour there. At the same time I, for example, persistently buy the same grade of beer which tried out in England. And it I know taste. Well, or dilute it equally both in England, and in Russia. But judging from the fact that taste... tasty, most likely, do not dilute.

Further I had very interesting thought. Let`s present that you went to the bar where to you diluted favourite drink a little. And here introduced the monitoring system... Taste of drink changed! And you suspected the bartender of deception! And how here to get out? Deception - that was earlier, and now all under the law. It turns out that in those bars where there are no dishonest bartenders, the monitoring system is not necessary. And where it is dangerous to eat, enter it - it is possible to lose regular customers. Or to spend for them a certain sum in the form of free drinks for calm.

Thus, in my opinion, it is more preferable than the monitoring system of bartenders in the new, only opened institutions. But it is even better if to the bartender do not save on a salary and give worthy percent from revenue. It is very good motive for transformation of the casual client in constant. Steal - that a little (about 50 ml on beer liter at the expense of foam) and consequences for bartenders happen very deplorable (their offended clients beat and cripple - I know stories first-hand, so to speak).

And here increase of speed of service is useful plus. However, as then barmenovsky tricks with torsion of bottles and other “miracles on bends“?