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How to organize any holiday independently.

Here the solemn moment also came we will have a HOLIDAY!!! Business is necessary the most interesting, creative and easy, in Russia, so it is considered, the holiday can make any! It is worth wanting and op … fireworks of a holiday which all will remember for the rest of the natural.

The decision to organize a holiday by own forces Is hurrah! made!

Its performance requires team creative, and, above all nothing busy persons who will be able to prepare and organize a set of “trifles“.

So: we Determine by

date of the holiday

- better if it is Friday or Saturday

we Determine the purposes and problems of carrying out the holiday

- a meeting of relatives whom so seldom we see by

- or merging of collective. by

Definition of the budget necessary for the organization of the holiday

- how many money you can allocate for action

Definition of a type of action

- a banquet with cultural entertainment program,

- a piknichok,

- a sports festival with games and competitions,

- a masked ball - a masquerade,

- an extreme holiday,

- a holiday with ceremonies,

- an interactive holiday etc.

Appointment of the person who will direct process

the Choice of a venue of the holiday


restaurant -

cafe - the country

complex - a forest glade

- favourite giving

- or own apartment

Choose food type (a banquet, a buffet, a buffet reception, coffee - a break, etc.) Develop

or approve the menu

Define Time and Sequence of carrying out and giving of dishes who and as it will do (if houses and at the dacha)

Hold a meeting of all organizers - “organizing committee“

- make the list of guests and define as you invite them

- think as you the guests seat

- charge to someone from “organizing committee“ to welcome all your guests

- make the plan - the scenario of a holiday.

- think what games will be on your holiday and which of guests in them will precisely play

- what can become “Highlight of the program“?

- to make the schedule of all scenario of entertainment program (on time and on points)

- define dress - code of your holiday and do not forget to warn about it guests

- to prepare the location map and parkings of

cars - existence of toilets

- in the absence of clothes to organize the place of storage of outerwear

- to organize protection of the holiday

- to find transport for all guests

- to make a route of travel of transport

- to choose from guests “personnel on service of a venue of action“ (the electrician, the cloakroom attendant, the plumber, the cleaner etc.)

- to define places for disguise of guests and “actors“

- surely think up as your holiday

will begin and come to an end the musical equipment which power depends on features of the chosen room

Is necessary - to pick up music for a holiday so that it was pleasant to all, not only to organizers

the Light equipment (at a daylight guests reluctantly leave to dance and the more so to play)

of Decoration of the room (generally offer three look: spheres, flowers, paper jewelry)

- can make

- it is possible to run about on shops and to buy something suitable

to Organize a photo and video filming

to Choose the host which could organize and entertain all your guests, DJ who will turn on the music in time team of “actors“ which “will show“ all what they are capable of!

When carrying out fireworks is necessary coordination of the place of its carrying out with representatives of fire protection

do not forget to get prizes and gifts that over time there were pleasant memories of action

the Guarantee of successful evening the good mood is if you do not feel similar internal satisfaction and self-confidence, then all your efforts and efforts can be vain. Your mood will leave the mark on all evening in general.

Yes, also do not forget to register to the hairdresser, in manicure, to buy festive clothes and to find time to sleep differently at you will not be forces to finish begun, and then still to see off guests, to be tidied up and td.

If after that you did not get a stress or a heart attack, I congratulate! I think, you can organize still a couple of such holidays, it is obligatory for you someone from guests will suggest to organize its holiday free of charge!

Is also other way!

If to address to agency, then they will undertake all this headache, it is more right for them and not a headache, and favourite work. They only are also engaged in it many years in a row all the time and.