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Linoleum for the apartment: how to choose?

Linoleum, this pokryvny material for a floor, serve people already the second hundred years.

Once it was done only of natural components - cloths, pitches and oils. Today the wide range of it of both a natural, and synthetic rolled covering serves for the most various purposes.

Presently it is enough types of linoleum: alkidny, kolloksilinovy, rubber etc. The most popular and available to the buyer at the price - natural and polyvinylchloride.

Natural linoleum, or marmoleum as it is often called, - the purest ecologically. Besides it does not accumulate static electricity, wearproof, durable and brightness of paints does not lose over time. On its surface bacteria do not breed therefore it is usually stacked in nurseries and where the people having asthma live. At the same time natural linoleum demands skills in laying as it rather rigid and fragile.

For the usual apartment it is the best of all to choose synthetic linoleum. It is done most often of PVC and divided into three types:

traditional, with the basis from a felt, poliesterovy or jute cloth, 1,5-2 meters wide;

the made foam vinyl - soft and strong rolled material (width of 1,5-4 meters);

duplicated - consists of vinyl weight on a nonwoven basis.

Criteria of a right choice this pokryvny material following:

whether it Corresponds to the appointment (for a hall, a bathroom, kitchen, a bedroom, the nursery etc.) ;

whether Will sustain the load of a floor which is available in the apartment (depends on passability of the place and quantity of living);

whether Meets the imposed requirements (moisture resistance, thermal insulation, anti-static character, noise-absorbing, antibacterial properties);

whether Approaches design of the apartment (happens one-color, with abstract drawing or imitates various invoice - a stone, wood, fabric, a tile and so forth) .

Not to be mistaken at the linoleum choice, it is necessary to study its marking. Classification of linoleum is accepted at us in the European system. The first figure specifies room type where it is recommended to use linoleum. In particular, figure 2 means premises, 3 - office, 4 - production. The second figure speaks about estimated loadings: from 1 (lowest) to 4 (highest).

We will give couple of concrete examples of the choice of linoleum for the apartment. In an office or a bedroom covering 21 - go a class best of all will approach. For a family from 4 - 5 - ti the person in a hall or on kitchen - covering 23 or 24 - go classes, and can even 31-33 - go.

Some buyers ask how to choose not harmful linoleum? Trust in own sense of smell. If you felt a pungent smell, it can speak about poor quality of material and contents in it harmful additives for the person. Qualitative synthetic and furthermore natural linoleum has to smell of nothing.

How to look after linoleum

we Will begin

with the fact that before laying of linoleum it is necessary to eliminate its sinuosity. For this purpose the roll is rolled and left to have a complete rest on a plain surface not less than a week. If waves did not leave, it is possible to iron problem places a bag with heated sand.

The covering from linoleum does not suffer dirt, stone powder and sand which are brought to the apartment on footwear. Lay an antisplash lattice or a rigid rug before an entrance - and your linoleum will serve longer. The floors covered with linoleum usually wipe with a damp rag. It is necessary to know that this material is afraid of the substances containing liquid ammonia and soda. From them the vinyl covering grows dull and is corroded. At emergence on a surface of a floor of resistant spots which are not washed away by soap it is necessary to use special means on care of linoleum.

Keep in mind that on a balcony, a verandah, not heated loggia or in a garden arbor the covering from any linoleum will quickly deteriorate as this material does not transfer differences of temperatures.


Well and, at last, that, how much?

Estimated prices for household linoleum in the capital the following:

the PVC covering on the made foam basis - from 120 to 400 rub for m 2 ;

a commercial class of linoleum - 300-1500 rub for m 2 ;

natural linoleum - from 750 rub for m 2 and above.

At a right choice of linoleum it will be pleasing to the eye of owners and will serve long.