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Summer, ah summer... or Why girls do not love me?

At first the timid maiden - the spring with the pouring rains and the abstruse, still piercing to an interior wind uncertainly pressed an evil skarezhnitsa - winter.

Then, having a little calmed down in the feeling and uvidav that her Nordic stepmother already to her not the competitor, on - maiden innocently and timidly smiled. Presented with the first shy sun, began to chatter unruly thrushes and blew up on gardens the first pure color blond vishen and pink-checked apple-trees.

And - here on fast change by it, this silent touchy person, mad nightingale serenades in sleepless blue of June nights, the sal ammoniac of a lilac and acacias exciting to dizziness, quickly and loudly as itself drunk lines on the three black, the sensual and intoxicated summer rushed.

Hoarse thirst in the throat which dried up from unnecessary words and the forgotten adverbs, broken loose it is unknown from where dog hunger on forgotten for last half a year of love and caress, it, eccentrical struck that wet in yellow copper timpani of the sun, fried in the sky, deafened by a primitive roar of the spilled blood on the dried veins and, without asking permission a clever civilization, ordered to each pimply young man, the busy man and even toiling as inaction to the old man at least once in a year to feel in itself violent primitive call of the nature.

And here all female faces which are washed away by cold and bad weather wrapped up from top to toe in some shrouds only with it clear fashionable trends of times of eternal winter and night in mouse color the coat and short fur coats with a claim for coquetterie, too tight and short jackets and semi-service jackets, suddenly, suddenly and as if having agreed, at once, took in asexual trousers and bulky boats and undressed

were Thrown off from themselves almost by all, almost naked, having left only a thin haze of mysteriousness on still as in winter pale skin. Is more shameless were bared as mythical nymphs in a moonlight night of the first bathing, and you did not understand something did not catch missed again. And only understood that the summer suddenly came, rumbled with a June thunder-storm, fell down the intoxicated head and that life passes, flies by, crawls by

I already at even indistinct type of some such summer stranger, on some unclear intuition in time bared the still opaque skin, it is proud, with a type of the princess of Monaco of Grace Kelly pacing on the uneven sidewalk as if on the Parisian podium in the light of the blinding spotlights, and shaking in a step to measured percussion of heels is unknown from where undertaken to hips, your guilty flesh, almost always in everything obedient and where is necessary, gradually sleeping, suddenly at all not comme il faut revolts, rises, is reared by a hormonal wave and forgets immemorial decencies of our societe, decent to an oskoma, it be not fine.

Women - live, genuine femina, with the real handles, legs and necks - suddenly it appears everywhere where you went. At work they, reading you as if the open book, at first it is impudent, with a call look seriously fool in the face as if came on one only to them to the processed case.

They bring themselves to you in office proudly, from a hip, going so that their already short skirts and the fitting dresses became even shorter, natyanuty, more indecently. And the stronger their summer clothes - at a courageous decollete, at a waist edge strain, on a generous hip - the stronger you strain, your voice, all your man`s being.

They again defiantly look you fool in the face, discharging in you an electric discharge of unambiguous language of the summer bodies which through widely open zrachkibt in uneasy heart and rushes further, somewhere to the bottom.

They majestically sit down on the offered chair and shower with accurately fulfilled movement a seminude leg on a leg and so that at you dries up already in dried as the summer desert, a throat, and you in a trice fly in a bigger stupor though more there is already no place.

Furtively as the inexperienced thief, you shoot an uneasy view of the victim of that that now majestically sits before you. If she does not look at you, and is busy with something other - for example, reads the contract or something writes, you at first furtively, a furtive look of shameless eyes slide on her naked neck from pink lobes of ears with accurate earrings to the roundish shoulder which is slightly covered with gas.

Then you inspect a generous decollete slightly more safely and you break a look down as if having slipped, once she moves, showing easy concern, on the hips concerning the inflamed imagination, barefaced white skin of knees, and below to calves. That immediately as soon as it returns to the occupation again to come back there where you just were, and, having hidden the shameless look of happy eyes, to dofantazirovat just seen.

After work, in splashes of dazzling light of white day walking on narrow sidewalks and wide pavements, your violent testosterone shoots to you at the brain drugged in the summer with with bigger power, a volley behind a volley, almost without giving time to come round. By the light of day the tired, but even more attracting women concern with a new force.

You go, is almost more shameless examining their naked legs which are ruthlessly dragged away to a natural type of a hip with royal advantage a borne breast as as a gift ready to appreciate, and, having only come round, at the last minute, having met them whether reproaching, whether not absolutely, eyes, unscrupulous, on the verge of decency, quickly, but, nevertheless, were already late, almost defiantly take away them.

In air not only the exciting dope of the exciting acacia and tart sweat costs invisible fog. In air violently smells of sex. It seems that invisible pheromones, having mixed up with sweet aromas of flowers, the sun and human bodies, get everywhere, into all time, into all places of a congestion of human bodies, intoxicating and stupefying.

By new and new female images flash. New seminude rebellious Eve, fine Elena and romantic Laura, shaking deep thighs and trembling sweet persyam, erotic phantasmagoria inaccessible as in a haze of surreal, float by, lovely smiling.

Testosterone with a new force explodes in the inflamed brain, a blast wave rejecting ethical correctness and social decencies, forcing still obedient machismo to teeter hardly on the brink legal and unlawful, beautiful and ugly, decent and indecent. Though... the nature has no concepts beautiful and ugly, decent and indecent. All this is an invention human, itself in punishment.

In fog of imaginations as in a narcotic high of erotic freedom, I arrive home. Houses I drink off a glass of cold Karlsberg, thoughtfully I warm a yesterday`s vegetable saute and, having shaken from myself the remains of sensual delusion, gradually I recover.