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The parliamentary livestock votes for pension genocide of

Chorny Thursday of the Ukrainian pensioners

B 2004 brought to despair by injustice of the authorities, the people rose by the Maidan and brushed away the infected with pestilence power of Kuchma. Alas, “pravdoruba“ which we chose were zhadny bags of wind. Having come to the power fought for that, the to steal more. In power parties businessmen from the previous parties in power ran. For it the people on the following elections give a ride to them. Alas, new elections were without the choice. Again we gave the votes to bags of wind. The power, as before, to care only for itself and the court sponsors - oligarchs. Again in the party in power businessmen and hristoprodavets from the previous parties in power which became opposition ran. In a parliamentary livestock nearly constitutional majority of hristoprodavets gathered.

Thursday. July 7, 2001. On a satellite plate I catch the Supreme Zrada`s broadcast. Consider pension reform. The hall thin, and on a board of 350 attendees!

Already in it swindled more than on one hundred heads of parliamentary cattle! to

the law was submitted by the leader of the party “Strong Ukraine“ the multibillionaire, the former secretary of the Dnipropetrovsk regional committee of Komsomol Sergey Tigipko. I repent, I at presidential elections voted for this hristoprodavets. Knew it 18 more - the summer fellow who is quick to grasp everything. It this hour just is enough

. Having sold the bank through offshores snipped off one billion, without having paid kopeks of taxes. But the tax code pressed down so small and medium business that those either stopped working, or faded into the background. And here its pension reform with nearly one thousand amendments. Reform which essence is in receiving and plundering the next tranche of the International Monetary Fund. The committee headed by the BYuT member Sushkevich submits for consideration of parliament of the amendment. For some reason, even those amendments which are considered and adopted by Komitete have to be confirmed with parliament. For amendments which improve or do not allow to worsen situation of simple pensioners, 30 - 50 people vote. Thereby they are rejected. And here for the amendments directed to improvement of financial position of deputies, judges, prosecutors, officials and other imperious worthless things 230 - 250 people, that is all bestial majority which is really present at the hall vote. And remained invariable that the deputy, the judge and other dragged, retiring will receive 12 salaries as financial support. And it is 14000ő12 = 168000 hryvnias! And their pension will be not 7500, as at other honored pensioners. For themselves they did not vote for restriction of pensions!

of the Simple citizen is thrown out on pension without grants and the pension at 70% of pensioners is minimum = 868 hryvnias! It while the loaf of black bread at us costs 4 hryvnias now, and I pay 560 hryvnias for utilities, despite bolted the governments that a payment for a lump. services should not exceed 10%.!

next year will pass new elections. Adopting such antinational laws, the parliamentary livestock shows that it is afraid of nothing. These elections them are already held - in election commissions the people are placed and everything will be type - a top. In Lviv judged the former head of district election commission offering a bribe to two members of the commission that they registered the party list necessary to it. This head represented hostile to regions of BYuT. And that - gave probation. That future falsifiers knew - to them everything will escape punishment!

Ya did not love the Soviet power. It destroyed my ancestors. Recognized it only in 1996 when “the night constitution“ of the first secretary of the Zolotonoshsky district committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine Alexander Moroz and the Secretary of the Central Committee of CPSU Leonid Kuchma made poor, mafia, feudal Urkaina of prosperous Ukraine. But all this there was a power. Now not the power - greedy and brainless cattle!

They came to the power promising to lift welfare of the people. But People of la them, it they and their drones. To themselves they neither did not cut off pensions, nor taxes lifted. We are thrown into poverty and extinction. After their tax code millions of people were on street. They do not get paid, and now women should live up to pension to them till 60 years and to 62 - to men! And it at average life expectancy of men in Ukraine - 62, 5 years! That is the law is directed to taking away from us pension contributions. Will not be able back to receive them in the form of pension of 70% from us any more!

In the West, where average life expectancy more than 70 years, but not 62 as at us, the people take to the streets. The Maidan disaccustomed us to go outside. In the same Italy are shot selling judges and deputies. But there they live in conditions, not much more different from the average citizen. Our judges, deputies, prosecutors and other bastards live in the protected country houses, go in bulletproof cars and perish only in road accidents yes mutual dismantling. Here also I ask you - as to us to get rid of these evil spirits. Not only in Ukraine such power. In Russia and the majority of the countries in the former Soviet Union it is same! Not without reason from the power went for Lukashenko!

of the Colleague - we will carry out brainstorming and we will develop algorithm of destruction of these evil spirits!

the Great-grandson of the author of the words “Shche not Vmerla of Ukraine neither Glory nor Will, Shche to Us Brattya Thresh to Usmikhnetsya a Share“ of the Stolbovy nobleman of the Russian Empire Nikolay Verbitsky - Antiochus whose ashes were thrown out from a grave in 1922 when shot his son, the participant of the Ice Campaign of Laurels Kornilov - Nikolay Verbitsky.

the author`s Grandson “For Ukraine, for its share“ Nikolay Vorony shot in 1938

the Nephew of Mark Vorony shot in 1937 and Evgeny Verbitsky who disappeared in GULAG in 1952.

I have 15 copyright certificates on the invention of the USSR and 1 pip - the fax Urkaina`s patent, Published 5 books and more than 500 articles on waste-free agricultural processing.